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There are many who have thought of switching to WordPress but have always asked why WordPress? Well they may often justify their queries by answering “My old site is not bad.”

So the pertinent question still lies there “Why should you switch on to WordPress?”

This blog might help you with your query. Why to use WordPress? How you can use WordPress? WordPress developers for hire are abundantly available so it’s always a better option to hire a WordPress developer and start off with your WordPress journey.

Why to use WordPress?

Initially WordPress was regarded as the blogging platform but with evolving technology WordPress emerged as the most dynamic content management system (CMS). It serves the dual purpose of creating blogs as well as build useful websites.

So what are the attributes which makes WordPress so popular? A recent survey claims that WordPress controls 22.5% of all websites.

  • User friendly

  • Easy to use applications

  • Flexible

  • Sturdy features

Hire a wordpress developer who has thorough skills in creating plug-ins, custom tables, writing script codes and selecting content. WordPress is regarded as the most popular software because of its unique features. Today top brands have switched over to WordPress due to this.

WordPress as an Open Source

WordPress is one of the most popularly used blogging tool in our times. It is open sourced and free. It is being used by thousands of people for creating websites. Survey revealed that it has been used by 10 million reputed sites. Flexible and robust this tool has been a favorite among users.

This gives the users an added advantage. It can be downloaded easily and the installation methods are also quite simple helping users to build any kind of website with ease. It has been estimated that there are around 2600+ WordPress themes and 31,000+ plug-ins.

The 2 things which are needed to run WordPress are a domain and a web hosting. Once you start using wordpress you are a part of the wordpress community and this helps you in receiving free support from communities.
If you are seeking for some professional tinge in your website then it is a prudent choice to hire a wordpress developer for an exclusive website.


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