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Magento is an e-commerce platform developed on open source technology that provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. It gives you control over the look, layout, content and functionality of your online store. Magento also facilitates powerful Marketing Options, Search Engine Optimization and Catalog-Management Tools.  Magento is highly scalable, and hence, it allows shops with few products to expand to thousands of products. Magento comes with a wide range of plug-ins and themes which enhances customer experience. Magento is such that even people who are not developers, can use it as an application. But since it is a very robust system, when you begin to integrate with other systems or introduce ten thousand products, you will need experienced developers. Hire Magento developers to develop an e-commerce platform for your business as soon as possible.

How To Hire A Magento Developer With GlobalEmployees?

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Magento Features

Versatile Management of Content: Magento has a visual-based page editor that allows shop owners to build and customize their offerings. It offers an option to toggle a user-friendly WYSIWYG content management interface, which is suitable for the ones who are code-deficient among us. So, even if we are not proficient with coding, we can easily manipulate basic functioning within the shopping cart.

Mobile-Friendly: Magento shopping carts are responsive and are hence, seamlessly visible on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Since most customers use mobile devices nowadays, its responsive structure comes handy.

Advanced SEO: Magento very competently opens the flow for enhanced organic traffic. The platform is SEO efficient, helping your products to appear on Google, Bing, Yahoo and the like. It allows for plenty of SEO implementations.

Robust and Has Sufficient Space: Magento can support up to 500,000 products in a single site. It handles more than 80,000 orders per hour. Hence, Magento gives you a lot of space for future growth between one or more different shopping carts on the same site. Magento has special hosting needs for optimum performance and load speeds because of its size and complex structure.

Presence of Built-in Upsells and Cross-sells: Magento allows to add prompts to browse related options on product and checkout pages. This feature enhances user-experience and increases the sales potential of your store. 

Seamless Third-Party Integrations: Magento allows you to connect your eCommerce store with eBay, PayPal, Mail Chimp, Google Shopping, QuickBooks, and many more. It also allows store owners to add Google Analytics and other third-party integrations to their site.

Customizable Security Permissions: Magento ensures the safety of your site and helps you manage the internal options to customize all the levels of security permissions. PCI Data Security comes standard. Login is protected with CAPTCHA. Also, a secondary password prompt provides an extra defence against unwanted breaches.

Intelligent Filter Search: Magento comes with dynamic search features that filter products based on a range of parameters. Magento uses a unique search-terms cloud, product tag filters, product reviews, recently compared and viewed products. Magento also features the ability to configure search with auto-suggested items.

Massive Community: Reports declare that over 240,000 businesses use Magento as their eCommerce platform. Also, in 2012, several hundred officially certified Magento Developers from all over the world were present. In total, there were over 800,000 developers. The number has not ceased to grow from then. This vast community gives the newcomers a sturdy support on which they can rely.

Time-Saving and Cost-Saving: Since Magento is open-source and yields an expansive library of custom extensions that its worldwide community has developed, you can use and share tools with other Magento users. It will save you from the hassle of building from the ground level in most cases. You can also create and handle multiple eCommerce stores using a single Magento instance, resulting in cost-savings.

Benefits Of Choosing Magento Ecommerce Platform

In today’s world, it has become necessary for every business to establish a robust online presence for itself. Hence, hiring Magento developers, too, has become a necessity. Here are some Magento benefits;

  • Easily manageable.
  • Scalable.
  • Customized Product Optimization.
  • Reporting Analytics.
  • Secured and Responsive.
  • Flexible Cross Platform.
  • Easy Integration Support.
  • SEO Supportive.
  • Excellent support for 3rd Party Payment Integration

What Does A Magento Developer Do?

A Magento Developer builds, supports and enhances Magento websites. He is simply a web developer possessing skills in the Magento Platform. Else, designing and building a Magento website requires a team of Magento developers, web designers and others.  

Magento Developers fall into two main categories – Frontend Magento Developers and Backend Magento Developers. 

  • Frontend Magento Developers build Magento themes and replicate the design that a web designer creates and develops it with Magento. They ensure that your website looks great and is responsive.
  • Backend Magento Developers build the features for your Magento Website, either using Magento Extensions or bespoke code.

Magento Developer For Hire Job Description:

  • Installation and Configuration of Magento.
  • Building Magento themes from among the provided designs.
  • Performance-optimization of Magento.
  • Configuration of Magento stores to support multilingual and multicurrency setups.
  • Installation, testing and configuration of all the available payment gateways.
  • Integration of other business systems like Accountancy Software, CRM Software, etc., into Magento.
  • Auditing Magento websites for SEO.

Magento Developer For Hire Job Responsibilities:

  • Regular upgradation of Magento installation.
  • Installation of Security Patches.
  • Development of new functionalities.
  • Implementation of front-end changes.

Skills Required Of Magento Developers For Hire:

  • Strong object-oriented programming language.
  • Proficient PHP knowledge.
  • Thorough knowledge of JavaScript for front-end development.
  • Competent LESS & CSS knowledge.
  • Magento Certification is a plus.

Tips To Become A Magento Developer:

Get Thorough With the Basics: Your experience of programming does not matter when you are getting on to learn something new. You have to begin with the basics first. Build a strong foundation and to do so, get familiar with Magento programming. Watch tutorials, be a part of online forums, get your grasp stronger over the Magento basics.

Give Magento Certified Developer Exam: Companies mostly look to hire dedicated magento developer with some reliable and proper certifications. Hence, nothing than being a certified Magento Developer can be best for you. You can take an exam to get certified. When you pass, you will get official recognition and validation as a Magento developer. Nut, even to get certified, you will have to have a stronghold of basics. Certification courses help you enhance your programming. It will only add to your credibility.

Keep Following Magento Related Articles and Blogs: Keep reading and following Magento related blogs and articles. It can enhance your knowledge. You can get deeper into technological advancement and get to know about the latest functionalities. You can also post your queries in the discussion section if you have any and get your doubts clear.

Keep Analyzing: As soon as complete the coding part, make it a point to examine it over and over again. You need to check if there is any way to optimize it and make it smoother. Keep your resources ready and take one or two projects at a time so that you can gain valuable experience and insight. 

Participate in Magento Events: Many Magento events take place around the world. Try being a part of such events. These events will help you know a lot from other developers, and people are experts in such a domain. In these events, Magento developers get to meet each other to share views and exchange ideas. 

Track Changes and Updates: Use GIT for version control daily. It will help you keep track of the changes you have made and will allow you to recover if something goes wrong quickly. 

Use Question Tags: What differentiates a good developer from just a developer is the tendency and urge of putting question tags. You must never write code without answering hows and whys so that you know what will happen during the execution. As a developer, you should work towards understanding every single functionality and code that you write.

Magento Developer For Hire Interview Questions

How is Magento valuable for businesses?

Magento is valuable for business because it gives them a high level of control and flexibility when they are managing the look, layout, functionality, and content of their eCommerce store. The Magento software is extremely convenient and extremely useful for running as an eCommerce platform. It has features that help you operate an eCommerce site very efficiently. Many of these features revolve around how financial transactions are made and how content can be uploaded and optimized for search engine rankings.

Name the different versions of Magento.

Magento has the following categories of product:

  • Magento Commerce
  • Magento Order Management
  • Magento Business Intelligent
  • Magento Shipping
  • Magento Social
  • Magento Open Source

Magento 2.2 includes new features and improvements such as a unique B2B Module, Advanced Reporting, and more.  Businesses who want the most current technology go for this version.

Give some top features of Magento.

The top features of Magento are:

  • Payment
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Customer Accounts
  • Product and Catalogue Browsing
  • Site Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer Accounts
  • International Support
  • Checkout
  • Marketing Promotion and Tools
  • Order Management

 What is MVC Architecture?

MVC, or Model, View, Controller, is a type of architecture in which business logic, data access, and user interface are separate for applications. MVC has two different types- configuration-based and convention-based. Magento uses the configuration-based version. Hence, to get a module’s configuration file to work, you need to specify everything to it.

Explain the technology that Magento uses.

Magento uses MySQL for database and PHP as a web server scripting language. Specifically, it uses MySQL 5.6 and PHP 5.4 and 5.5. This technology makes up the core of Magento and is what gives the software its functionality.

Does Magento software have any limitations?

The Magento software is beneficial and is one of the top eCommerce platforms available on the market. It does require a lot of space and memory. Furthermore, it involves object-oriented programming to prevent turning into a very complex system. Also, Magento can sometimes be slow in terms of performance. However, these limitations are usually not a significant concern in most cases and the benefits that Magento Software provides generally outweigh any potential issues. 

How do you create a custom module in Magento?

To create a custom module in Magento, you must first create a module directory, then create a controller, block, and module files for your module. Then, create a module configuration file and finally, create an XML file. The purpose of creating an XML file is that you can enable or disable the module.

How can you improve the performance of Magento?

You can do the following to improve the performance of Magento:

  • Disabling any modules that are not in use.
  • Disabling the Magento log.
  • MySQL Query Caching.
  • Optimizing your Image.
  • Enabling Gzip Compression.
  • Enabling Magento Caching.
  • Combining the external CSS/JS into a single file.

Which billing information can you manage through Magento?

You can manage all of the following things from the client account-

  • Adding a credit card.
  • Adding a PayPal account.
  • Updating a billing address.
  • Producing a print-ready receipt.
  • Viewing your billing history.

 How many design patterns does Magento have?

Magento has 12 design patterns:

  • Factory Pattern
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Model View Controller Pattern
  • Front Controller Pattern
  • Registry Pattern
  • Prototype Pattern
  • Iterator Pattern
  • Object Pool Pattern
  • Service Locator Pattern
  • Lazy Loading Pattern
  • Observer Pattern
  • Module Pattern.

Why Hire A Magento Developer?

  • Easily manageable CMS.
  • Cost-effective Solution Designing.
  • Authentic Search Engine Optimization.
  • Professional approach to service.
  • Reporting Tool to visualize sales.
  • User-friendly Web Store.
  • Appropriate Customer Support Tool Integrations.

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The Process to Hire a Resource is Quite Simple:

  • Submit a job description including experience, qualifications, skill set, project details, etc.
  • Our HR department finds candidates; matches and screens them.
  • Based on the screening process, a consolidated candidate list is submitted to the client. And You select candidates from that list to interview.
  • Once you are done with the interviews, you select the candidate you find fit for the position.
  • Depending on the position, our screening and hiring process spans across 1-2 weeks post receiving the requirement from the clients

Yes. GlobalEmployees submits several resumes of experienced candidates. You can then interview and test any candidate to determine if you’d like to hire them as an employee. Interviews are conducted over the phone or Skype.

Before the employee starts working for you, you have to;

  1. Sign the Contract.
  2. Pay the first month’s invoice.
  3. Pay for the applicable notice period (15 days).

The employee you hire can work in the time slot of your choice (Indian office hours, your office hours, or any other shift). However, you need to inform GlobalEmployees at the very beginning regarding your preferred shift timings for the employee.

We make sure the quality of the work is not impacted because of the time slot. But people do prefer to work during the day, so if you are open to your employee working in the day slot, you will have a bigger pool of resources to choose from.

You work with your remote employee as you would with any of your in-house or resident employee. We provide your employee with all the hardware and infrastructure they need to work for you remotely.

GlobalEmployees can provide your employee with a local telephone number for your area. You can also utilize other tools such as email, Google Chat or video conferencing via Skype etc

Normal business work hours are eight hours a day, from Monday to Friday, throughout the month. This does not include any time taken for breaks or for meals.

If your hired employee is meeting the set goals, it’s clear that they are doing their job. You could also put checks and balances to monitor your employee’s performance and monitor your employee via web cams, remote login software, phone, and instant messenger. In addition to that, our floor managers ensure that your employee is working at all times.

Yes. The GlobalEmployees office is your office extension in India. You are welcome to visit your employee at any point of time.

Yes. Please request to speak to a manager if you would like to bring your employee on-shore.

Yes. Any incentives you offer will be passed on to your employee. All incentives will be paid to your employee via GlobalEmployees only.

No. Your employee is on the payroll of GlobalEmployees. Subsequently, you have no employment tax, insurance, or labor law obligations/liabilities.

We can work with you to store your data locally on your own servers or we can store the data in-house. All data will be protected so that it is saved on a separate work server rather than on the employee’s personal computer. We can also ensure that the employee will not have the ability to send or save data through email or on other data devices such as USB drives.

Yes. It is a mandate for all the employees to sign an NDA. A copy of the same is available upon request. If you want us to sign your NDA, please let us know and we can make arrangements for the same.

All work done by the employee for the client on our premises is the client’s property. The same is specified in the GlobalEmployees contract.

Yes. You can hire a part time employee.

In case of any issue simply get in touch with your dedicated relationship manager at GlobalEmployees via e-mail or phone. GlobalEmployees managers are present 24 hours a day to resolve any of your problems.

We understand that with employees there can be a performance issue and we are always open to discuss and find a solution mutually. Typically, if the performance of a resource is not satisfactory then we endeavor to find a replacement for you. In another situation where a hired resources has delivered a decent performance but has been unable to scale it up, then we will charge you for the number of days the resource has worked and, will refund the remaining amount. We would request you inform of any such dissatisfaction within the span of a week so that we can take appropriate steps. In situations where you have not expressed your dissatisfaction and the resource has delivered considerable amount of work, we will not be responsible. Herein, you are requested to mail us an appropriate notice clearly mentioning the termination of our services.

Yes. If you want to hire an employee, GlobalEmployees requires receipt for the first month’s invoice before the employee actually starts working.

This is because GlobalEmployees enters into a legal contract with the employee you hire. Accordingly, GlobalEmployees is legally liable to provide the employee you hire with a paid notice period. Thus, the fee for the 15 days notice period to terminate our services is required in advance before the employee starts working.

No. There are no hidden charges. The price quoted with each submitted resume is the full and complete cost for the entire service. The only exception is if your employee requires software or hardware that we do not provide and is costly to acquire.

Your employee is entitled to 8 paid holidays in a year. In addition, your employee accumulates one day of paid leave per month. Hence, in one year your employee is entitled to 19 days of paid days off work. Any other days off work are unpaid leaves, for which you will not be charged.

No. GlobalEmployees provides you with a long-term dedicated employee. You work with the same employee every day. Hence, it is not possible to cover the odd absence by an employee. In case your employee requires a substantial time off work, GlobalEmployees can replace the employee.

Your employee will be provided with a new desktop. In addition, your employee will have access to all other computer peripherals such as printer, scanner, fax, headsets, web cams, etc.

Yes. Please speak with one of our managers to check if your additional requirements can be met free of any additional charge.

The entire hiring process takes around 1-2 weeks from the time you submit the requirements. In case you are in a rush to find your employee and start sooner, you could subscribe to our Premium service, which would prioritize your case. The turnaround time with Premium service is around 4-6 business days.

The cost of subscribing to our premium service is $100. This charge would be adjusted in your first month’s invoice, thus it is not an extra charge. And yes, the amount is fully refundable if we are unable to find a suitable candidate for you.

Yes. We can discuss the terms once you submit the requirement.

PayPal, Credit Card, Google Checkout, Wire Transfer.

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Why Hire A Magento Developer From GlobalEmployees?

On Hiring With GlobalEmployees, You Get A Remote Java Developer With Following Benefits:

  • No headaches about infrastructure, labor/employment laws, HR costs, additional employee benefits, etc.
  • A developer dedicated to your work. 1 Project for 1 Employee policy.
  • An employee that you choose, not one that’s dumped on you.
  • Complete Control: Since you are the one driving your work you get a customized development to your specified guidelines.
  • No Risk: If the employee doesn’t work out, you can get out with a short notice without worrying about severance pay, damages or any other legal hassles.

The Overall Process To Hire A Magento Developer Usually Takes 1-2 Weeks From The Time You Convey The Requirements.