Privacy Policy

Updated on : 15th Sep, 2022

This section will give an exhaustive explanation on GlobalEmployees’ policies with regards to the collection use, and disclosure of your data or personal information when you make use of our service.

GlobalEmployees do not use or disclose your data or personal information to anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy.

GlobalEmployees will use your data to offer you service in the best possible way. GlobalEmployees will use your personal data to provide you with a better customer experience while you use our service. By using GlobalEmployees’ service, both the parties, that is, GlobalEmployees and the customer come to an agreement on the collection and use of your personal data per the rules mentioned in our privacy policy.

What information does GlobalEmployees collect?

Any or every data that you fill in while visiting our website is collected. To apply for a job on our website or hire candidates with us, you may be asked to fill in a web form on our website, with your personal details such as name, email address, mobile number, postal address, etc. for verification of your identity. We gather this data for security purposes as well as to have seamless communication with you. Your requests, inquiries, and other service-related communication are carried out using the data you share with us.

When you correspond with GlobalEmployees, our AI automatically collects data such as your name, email address, and IP address to track the country from where you are connecting with us, etc.

GlobalEmployees does not track customers’ activities in any way. No log of any of your activity including the browser history, downloads, apps, or software used is recorded or gathered by us until you give access to it voluntarily.

Where does GlobalEmployees collect information from?

Website Log Data
We may gather the information that your browser sends every time you visit our page. Website log data that we get access to while you visit our site includes your computer’s IP address, the type of browser you are using, the browser version you are using, the pages you visit on your website, and your site visits logs such as data and time.

Third-party Service Providers
We may also gather data through third-party services such as Google, LinkedIn, etc., for better functionality of our service. These service providers have their own set of Privacy Policies in place which you can check. You have the authority to give them permission to access your data or not.

You may have seen that every time you visit a website; you are asked whether you wish to allow the cookies or not. Cookies, if accepted, are stored on the web browser of your device. It can then gather data from your web browser and send it back to the websites you visited. GlobalEmployees uses this data only to enhance the customer experience with us. You can choose to not accept these cookies.

Please note that we gather this data only for the legitimate and secure operation of our website. We ensure to share the link to our Privacy Policy page whenever we collect customers’ personal data. You can go through it before sharing your data with us.

Why does GlobalEmployees collect personal information?

For better communication with our customers: GlobalEmployees believes in healthy and safe communication with our customers. We attend to your queries, inquiries, and requests through emails primarily. We also send our latest updates, notifications, newsletters, and other event details via email. Any change in policies or terms and conditions is also notified via email. So, the email addresses are collected only for the aforementioned legitimate purpose.

To improve our service per customer needs and requirements. We track, collect, and record your data to understand your needs and requirements. This helps us to provide you with a better service with better functionalities.

To prevent any fraudulent activity: Data collection helps us to prevent anyone from resorting to illegal or criminal activities on our website; it ensures the security of our IT infrastructure.

Does GlobalEmployees share or disclose data with anyone?

GlobalEmployees doesn’t sell or share your information with anyone. Your data is sacred to us and we protect it with our life. There are, however, certain unavoidable or obligatory circumstances, where we may share your personal data without prior notice to you. Please check the exceptions below:

We disclose your data only under the following given conditions:

  • Based on the nature of the service we are offering, which is a job placement service, we deem it fit to share your data with companies who are looking to hire you to work with them
  • To be compliant with the laws of the country
  • Whenever required to do so by law or summons from them or
  • If we are convinced that such an action is of utmost importance to act in accordance with the law
  • If we are convinced with the reasonable requests of law enforcement
  • If our safety and integrity are at risk
  • If we acquire or merge with any other businesses


We give utmost importance to your data security. We strive hard to execute and retain reasonable, commercially viable security procedures and practices deemed appropriate to the nature of the data we store. This is important to safeguard your data from unlawful access, damage, use, alteration, or disclosure.

However, please note that no electronic storage or transmission over the internet is 100% secure. Thus, we cannot or do not ensure the absolute security of your personal data.

Children’s Privacy

GlobalEmployees doesn’t store any information about children under 13 years of age. Please share your data with us only if you are above 18 years of age. We don’t knowingly collect identifiable data from kids under 13 years of age. If you are a parent or guardian who has come to know that your child has shared his/her data with us then you can notify us about the same and we will try our best to clear the child’s data from our database and servers.

Updates on GlobalEmployees’ Privacy Policy

GlobalEmployees reserves the right to change or update our Privacy Policy at any time that we deem right. We consider it our responsibility to intimate clients or customers if there’s any change in the privacy policy via email.

What rights do customers have over their data?

You can choose to not share your personal data with us and still use the service. However, that would limit your chance of getting access to certain features of the service that we provide. For better customer experience and functionality, we request you share your data with us. The decision is, however, absolutely yours.

If you have any questions regarding GlobalEmployees ’s Privacy Policy, then you can contact us anytime. You can contact us via email at: