What Devices Will Support The IOS 9.3 Features?

These days, all we hear about are all of the fantastic bells and whistles which are coming each time Apple introduces an all-new beta for an iOS update, yet as the final version arrives individuals that have older devices find they cannot access the majority of the promised brand new features. For more information on IOS support, contact Global Employees.

Attempting to find out what new features the device supports might be confusing. For instance, upon Apple’s iOS 9.3 preview page, it states you may “sort notes by date modified, date created, or alphabetically.” It’s true; however, all of the additional new Notes features are discovered inside the Notes app, whereas the sorting feature must be set up within the Settings application. New users of iOS 9.3 might waste a whole day attempting to locate the “Sort Notes By” segment if they’ve never before utilized the Notes settings. If you did not consider checking the Settings application you might’ve convinced yourself you are going insane, or your device does not support the new option “Sort By”.

Here is a list of all Apple’s devices, as well as which features they support to assist you in sorting through the craziness that’s iOS 9.3.

iPhone 4s

It does not even look like you even can upgrade to iOS 9.3 upon an iPhone 4s. Apple recently reported that it was “temporarily” pulling back an update for older devices such as the iPhone 5s and earlier because of an issue with its password authorization. Apple released a new build for its iPad 2, yet at the time, some users cannot upgrade their iPhone 4s over to iOS 9.3.

iOS 9.3 iPhone 4s

Even if you’re able to upgrade to iOS 9.3 upon an iPhone 4S, I am not certain it’s worth it. It’s too old to support any new features, like the Health App, CarPlay, as well as Night Shift mode. Please allow us to know in the comments section if you’ve successfully updated an iPhone 4s over to iOS 9.3.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 doesn’t possess the hardware to support the majority of the critical Health application features, or the Night Shift mode. However, it does support the new Notes features like creating checklists, as well as CarPlay.

iPhone 5s and beyond

The iPhone 5s and up is going to support all of the new features within iOS 9.3. It is going to involve the newly presented 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, iPhone 6, as well as iPhone SE.


Night Shift mode only is available upon devices that have 64-bit processors. It involves the iPad Pro (both of the models), iPad Air or above, iPad mini 2 or above. CarPlay includes an iPhone-only feature; therefore, it doesn’t operate with iPad models.

iPod touch

The 6th-generation iPod touch includes the sole iPod model which supports Night Shift.
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