Updated on : 15th Sep, 2022

General Questions

GlobalEmployees is one of the leading US-based onshore and offshore staffing and outsourcing services providers primarily catering to the top US and European businesses.
GlobalEmployees fulfill both onshore and offshore staffing requirements. Our dedicated hiring experts are insightful about the global recruitment demands and provide bespoke resources that perfectly align with the business needs. The resources are thoroughly sourced, vetted, shortlisted, and then sent to the clients for selection. Our clients have a free hand to scale up or cut back on their workforce whenever they need to without worrying about being tied up in long-term contracts. GlobalEmployees also understand the challenges faced by companies to set up operations quickly. We help our clients with rapid infrastructure setup and provide committed onsite supervisors and an HR team to manage your hired team. Our clients have full control over the hiring process and the selected workforce.
Some of our clients look to hire employees who are ready to work from their physical location or actual office space. In other words, the employee is expected to go to our client’s location and work. Such work is called onsite work. There are some clients who are looking to hire candidates who are ready to work from their remote locations. In this case, you are not expected to go to the office but can work from your own home or any other location of your choice. Such work is called offsite work.
GlobalEmployees caters to over 145 domains and provides various resources including web and app developers, marketing resources, digital marketing resources, SEO and SME experts, content writers, social media managers, UI/UX Designers, data entry operators, E-commerce resources, and more.

What is your costing structure?

With GlobalEmployees, you can hire a resource for as low as $990 a month. However, the price structure may vary depending on your custom requirements, domain, skillsets, experience, etc. We accept all modes of payment.

GlobalEmployees doesn’t take any upfront charges. You only pay once you have zeroed in on the employee you want to work with. However, we expect a receipt for the first month’s invoice before you hire the developer with us.

Yes, you are charged once an employee is successfully placed with you.  However, you get a 2-week trial period with us to gauge the employees’ performance and if you find their performance unsatisfactory, you can relieve them and reach out to us to look for more candidates at no additional charge.

GlobalEmployees source, vet, shortlist, and arrange candidates for interview with you. Once they are selected, we take care of their payroll, onboarding, work productivity, etc. – all under the monthly cost that we charge you. 

How is working with GlobalEmployees beneficial?

GlobalEmployees was started with the vision of helping SMEs build and grow their businesses by hiring quality onshore or remote resources at affordable rates. GlobalEmployees have access to a large database of seasoned and skilled talent from different domains who are thoroughly vetted and available to work on a full-time basis. We have been in the business for over a decade and offer a comprehensive solution that completely takes care of your resource vetting, hiring, onboarding, and managing resources. You will incur no additional costs but have full control over the resources. With us, you can focus on your bigger visions and goals, and leave your staff hiring and management needs with us.

Yes, you can have employees working in your time zone. You will just have to specify that to us to our hiring manager during the time of the briefing and we will provide you with resources who are flexible to work in your time zone.

Yes, GlobalEmployees takes care of the entire infrastructure overheads including a new desktop/laptop and other computer peripherals such as a printer, scanner, fax, headsets, webcams, etc.

The entire hiring process takes around 1-2 weeks from the time you submit the requirements. In case you are in a rush to find your employee and start sooner, you could subscribe to our Premium service, which would prioritize your case. The turnaround time with Premium service is around 4-6 business days.

No, GlobalEmployees doesn’t bind you with any long-term contracts. You can choose to hire dedicated resources on a long-term basis or for any short-term projects per your needs. You can expand your team or choose to cut back on your workforce with short notice.

Yes, you can reach out to one of our managers with your specific requirements. They will inform you if your specific requirements can be met without any extra charges. Please note, that any high-priced software or hardware required for your project will come at additional costs.

We provide a new desktop and other computer peripherals such as a printer, scanner, fax, headsets, webcams, etc.

What data security measures do you have in place?

Protection of your data is our primary obligation. We take stringent steps to ensure client data is protected by means of NDA’s, VPNs, limited access, secured laptops, etc. We store your data locally on your own servers or we can store the data in-house. We ensure that your data is saved on a separate work server rather than on the employee’s personal computer. We also make sure that the employee will not have the ability to send or save data through email or on other data devices such as USB drives.

Yes. It is mandatory for all employees to sign an NDA. A copy of the same is available upon request. If you want us to sign your NDA, please let us know and we can arrange that for you.

What is GlobalEmployees Hiring Process?

Global Employees has a stringent hiring process that is client-centric. Here are the four steps involved in our hiring process:

Share your business requirements with us: You can easily schedule a call with our hiring expert who will understand your specific requirements in detail. For instance, the number of resources you are looking to hire, required skill set, qualifications, domain expertise, experience, etc.

Resource hunting and vetting by our HR experts: Our hr experts have access to a large global resource pipeline. They will interview the resources, vet them thoroughly and shortlist the best candidates that meet your custom requirements.

Receive shortlisted candidates: Our hiring experts will source, vet, and share with you a list of shortlisted candidates that are the best match for your business requirements.

Schedule an interview with the candidates at your convenience: You can go through the shortlisted candidates’ list and share your convenient time with us for a one-on-one interview with the candidates via Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc.

Kickstart your project: The candidate/candidates will be business ready from the first day of joining.

GlobalEmployees is one of the leading onshore and offshore staffing and outsourcing companies with 11+ years of experience and over 950+ successful placements across domains. Over 200+ businesses trust us with their hiring requirements for reasons including but not limited to Quick Scalability, Efficiency, Data Security, and Higher Employee Retention Rate. Our hiring managers with years of experience in the industry and access to a vast untapped global talent pipeline are proficient in sourcing, vetting, and shortlisting the best match for your business needs.

GlobalEmployees only provide seasoned employees who are ready to work from the first day of joining. We also extend complete infrastructure and dedicated HR support at no additional charges.  Free access to resumes, bespoke staffing solutions, and a 2-week free trial period are some of the bonuses that we offer to help make lives easier for our clients.

Yes, GlobalEmployees can help you quickly scale up your team. For immediate assistance, you can call us directly on the phone numbers given on the contact us page. You can also schedule an appointment with a GlobalEmployees hiring expert by filling out the form given on our contact us page or write to us at and we will reach out to you within no time.

GlobalEmployees value your work and understand the importance of having dedicated resources who can commit their full-time to your projects.

Hiring a dedicated full-time resource takes time. Unlike freelancers who are readily available and work on multiple projects at a time, dedicated full-time resources are looking for the best opportunity that offers career growth, stability, and other benefits. As they are dedicated resources, they are expected to serve a 1-3 months’ notice period in their current positions so either you will have to give them the time to serve their notice period or buy out their notice period.

Yes, you can provide training to your off-shore remote employees by using different communication channels like Skype, Teams or Zoom.

Yes. Please send your list of questions to our hiring manager and they will include that in the screening process.

Does GlobalEmployees take care of payroll and taxes?

Yes, absolutely! GlobalEmployees work as a bridge between the client and the resources. The resources are hired on GlobalEmployees’ payroll. You will have complete control over the hired employees, but we manage their leaves, attendance, onboarding, etc. This helps you to focus on your bigger goals and leave the menial tasks to us.

Yes, you can offer incentives and bonuses to your hired resources.

GlobalEmployees will always be the bridge between you and the employees. You only have to worry about leveraging the expertise our resources provide. All the other administration and resource management tasks such as payroll, onboarding, taxes, infrastructures, etc. are taken care of by us.

As the employees work with and report directly to you,

How does GlobalEmployees manage employee productivity?

GlobalEmployees closely tracks employee performance and productivity using different efficient and effective project management tools. Our existing clients are quite content with the tracking tools in place and have high praise for the resources hired from us.

GlobalEmployees only provides full-time dedicated employees who work exclusively for you. You can directly monitor and track their work, get their daily work reports and communicate directly with them to ensure that their work is completed on time. Our dedicated manageris also in constant touch with your hired employee to check on their work on a regular basis.

Why should I join GlobalEmployees?

GlobalEmployees has been in the onshore and offshore hiring business for over a decade and has placed over 950 candidates from across 145+ domains with top US companies. We offer secure, full-time dedicated jobs with extra perks and benefits such as paid leaves, health insurance, childcare incentives, performance bonuses, etc.
GlobalEmployees offers opportunities across 145+ domains for various job titles including web and mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, SEO Experts, E-commerce Developers, Data Scientists, Cyber Security Consultants, Network Administrators, and more.
GlobalEmployees look for candidates who are skilled, experienced, and ready to work immediately on ongoing projects. Good communication is an added benefit.
GlobalEmployees has been in the recruitment business for over a decade and has successfully placed over 950 resources across 145+ domains. We only extend long-term full-time remote and onshore opportunities with top US and European companies where our candidates get the opportunity to grow in their careers, work on innovative technologies, and enjoy great perks and benefits.
GlobalEmployees primarily cater to the US and European Markets. Our client list includes top Fortune 500 companies, fast-scaling start-ups, and tech unicorns. Some of our leading clients are InternetBrands, SalesForce, FodorsTravel, Ergomotion, etc.
No. GlobalEmployees only offer secure, full-time job opportunities.
No, we don’t charge our candidates anything on placement. Our clients pay us to hire skilled professionals for their onshore and offshore work projects.

What is the work cultureat GlobalEmployees?

GlobalEmployees understands the importance of having a secure full-time job and also the need to maintain a work-life balance in this competitive era. We only bring to you the best jobs in the industry that will offer you a platform to display your skills and work on innovative technologies that too with the top US and European clients. You also get all the perks and benefits such as health insurance, paid leaves, etc. that you get in a traditional work environment.

Global Employees has over a decade’s proven in-house success in the remote work model and knows effective ways to make the remote work experience an amazing one for our employees.

GlobalEmployees has an employee-inclusive work culture. We understand our employees’ need for work-life balance so offer a flexible working environment. We believe that employees working with us are responsible enough to understand their duties and roles so we don’t resort to helicopter management and give our employees a freehand to complete their tasks. We appreciate our employees’ efforts and reward them accordingly.
GlobalEmployees gives priority to your skills, expertise,experience, and your attitude. If your skillset and experience fit in with the job profile that our clients are looking for then we forward it to our clients for further assessment. However, basic written and verbal communication in English is expected as you will be primarily working with US and European clients.
GlobalEmployees offers a flexible work-from-home environment for its employees so that they can have the best of both of their professional and personal lives. We conduct regular standups with our team for effective collaboration and seamless project management and workflow.

What is GlobalEmployees’ vetting process?

GlobalEmployees has a thorough vetting process.

  1. Our hiring expert source, screen and shortlist your resume if it matches the job profile our client is seeking. They then reach out to you via phone and interview you to understand your background, work experience, expertise, etc.
  2. Once they think that you may be suitable for the position, they forward it to an in-house industry expert who interviews you and also may give you a written test such as a coding test if you are shortlisted for a developer position, an English written test if you are selected for a content writer position, etc., to assess your skills.
  3. Once you clear this stage of assessment, your resume is forwarded to our client who will further interview you.
  4. If you clear this round with the client, you are offered the job.

You can easily apply with us by going to the jobs/career page on our website. You can reach out to us at  or follow us on our LinkedIn page: to stay updated on our job listings.

Whose Payroll will I be on?

You will be on GlobalEmployees payroll. Everything related to your salary, payslips, appraisals, and more are taken care of by the GlobalEmployees. You can communicate all your payroll-related issues with the GlobalEmployees Manager.
GlobalEmployees offers 1.5 paid vacations every month. You also get annual calendar holidays offered by the client you are working for. We don’t expect our employees to work on holidays. In order to availof leaves, you are expected to give prior notice to your team lead or manager. Once your direct boss approves the leave, our HR manager will grant you the leave. However, in case of emergencies such as family or medical emergencies, you can just inform us three hours before your shift starts. We understand your issues and believe in understanding and assisting you in your difficult situations.
Yes, GlobalEmployees values their employees and offers various perks and benefits such as health insurance, paid leaves, performance bonuses, childcare incentive, referral bonuses, employee appreciation award, etc.
At any point in time, if you face any issue with the client you are working for, you can reach out to your dedicated GlobalEmployees Manager. The manager will listen to and understand your issue and will try to resolve it within 24 hours, which is our standard response time.
Salary will be credited to your bank account by the 3rd of every month.
Yes. Daily stand-ups are mandatory. We insist on having daily standups to make sure things are running smoothly for our employees as well as our clients. Once things are settled and unless there are no requests from the client, you can be excused from the ongoing stand-ups.

GlobalEmployees believes that open communication is conducive to buildinga trustworthyenvironment. So, we ensure that all our employees get a dedicated manager to communicate with regarding their issues and concerns. These dedicated managers can be contacted through chat messengers, email, or phone calls.

GlobalEmployees manager helps with quick onboarding and acts as a point of contact between the employees and clients. They ensure that employees don’t face any issues settling in their respective roles. The employees can also contact them when they find it difficult to communicate their concerns directly with the clients.

Yes, a performance review is mandatory. There will be a quarterly and yearly performance review wherein we will gather data on your performance from your direct manager on the client side and communicate it to you accordingly. You are also eligible for quarterly and yearly bonuses if you earn good reviews from your manager.
With GlobalEmployees, your children are 100% medically insured by the company. We also extend a small annual amount towards your child’s education. Moreover, GlobalEmployees offers full-time flexible remote opportunities so that you spend quality time with your children.
Yes, GlobalEmployees always encourages employees who are keen on upskilling and reskilling their careers. We offer them a fixed annual amount as part of our Professional Growth Program.
Yes, GlobalEmployees offer quarterly and yearly bonuses based on performance.
Yes, GlobalEmployees extends flexible working hours for its employees.
GlobalEmployees doesn’t expect their employees to work overtime until it is extremely necessary and we make it a point to reward them if they have put in extra hours for us.