Will iOS and Mac OS X Ever Merge?


Apple has recently been accredited as one of the most valued company in the world simply because of its innovation and the capability to cope up with the dynamic market. Post the passing of Steve Jobs, a lot of speculations were made in the market regarding the survival strategy of the company but with the launch of iPad3, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, MacBook Pro with Retina and off course, updated iMac’s, Apple silenced all the critics and speculators.  Now with the new reinstated faith in the capacities of the enterprise, the recruitment market got a new lease of life with an increasing demand to hire iPhone developers.

Recently, with so many developments happening at the Apple’s front, the industry veterans blew a new speculation in the air regarding the merger of iOS and Mac OS X operating systems for a common operating platform.  This speculation was floating for quite some time till Apple decide to squash it by revealing that it had no plans whatsoever of unifying the operating system for the mobile and he computer devices. The company openly declared that since iOS and Mac OS are built on the same bases but with different functions and the niche Apple audience never wanted both these devices to function in the same way. Furthermore, Apple made it very clear that the revenue of the company depends mostly on the mobile devices and hence continue to meet the demands of its target market through its iOS based devices. Visit our partners’ website – . Very interesting and exclusive content. This made it extremely clear that Apple, as a strategic move, was focusing on the Mac OS to develop other devices without affecting the major revenue market.


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