What to Look For When Hiring Salesforce Developer?


A good Salesforce developer can help businesses maximize the return on investment by customizing solutions that are aligned with their objectives and key performance indicators. A developer with the right skills and experience may be able to align the business needs by customizing, integrating and implementing Salesforce in a seamless manner.


A good developer may have delivered many successful projects that are backed by strong references. They should be able to create anything from apex classes, customized reporting, dashboards, page layouts, views, triggers, Visualforce Pages and workflows.

Check how many projects the developers have done that are similar to yours. Apart from this it is also best to ascertain how many Salesforce systems they have developed and deployed.


Choose a developer that clients trust and recommend. Shortlist those that have earned a perfect customer satisfaction score and client reviews.


Avoid choosing the cheapest option as this may prove to be costly in the long run. Choose a good developer that is able to provide services at competitive prices that match your budget. The quality of work should not be compromised to cut costs.


The developer should be able to implement the platform as per the specific needs of the client. They should be willing to make changes to adapt to the process.

There is an increased demand for developers with experience in Salesforce due to the evolving trends in CRM development. If you want to hire a developer of competence, it is important that you identify their requisite skills. You can hire them for business analysis, project management, development, requirement gathering and many other tasks that are beneficial for your business.


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