Top Companies to Hire PHP Developer From

Who are PHP Developers?

You hire PHP developers for the development of websites, web development programs, applications, and business software development.

There are two kinds of PHP developers: Web Developers and Software Developers. PHP is an automatic choice for those just beginning with the task of developing business websites. This is so because the languages can be a little tricky to understand and implement. PHP is an excellent choice for independently working contractors and self-employed people.

A PHP based business model is made by PHP developers who work in tandem with Back-end developers to create user interfaces. A PHP developer for hire generally uses SQL bases for data gathering and management for the best website generation experience. PHP can also be used to perform all the functions for operating a website, like deciding the website name, username, tabulating guest books, and managing passwords. Content that functions dynamically is also curated using PHP developers.

PHP is one of the top languages used by startups and established businesses for their web development needs. A web developer’s job has a wide range of applications. It includes the administration of websites, testing of software working, and training the users to understand the functionality of the webpage properly. The usage of PHP as a preferred language does not restrict the workings of a web developer to PHP. However, we will keep our blog limited to only PHP developers and where to find them.

The best option would be to find a company that recruits PHP developers. It makes the developer’s job easy and makes it easy for the website maker to select from many developers. Here is a list of the top 10 Indian companies that provide PHP developers.

1. India NIC

IndiaNIC will provide solutions for those that require customary web development opportunities, electronically commercializing a good or product, developing a Mobile application, and Enterprise solutions. The solutions provided by them are suggested and carried on by the professional developers of the company.

2. United Infotech

Unified Infotech provides tailored software customized to the needs of the client. It is an Award-Winning Company that has changed the way PHP development works. Unified Infotech provides startup solutions to budding businesses. The PHP developer provided by the firms helps the enterprises to accelerate growth. The developers also bring in solutions for enhancing the product a client is placing on their website. Unified Infotech is the best choice for those who are just starting in their business ventures from being in touch with global consultancy firms providing end-to-end solutions for the users of the site.  

3. Selleo

Selleo has been operating the global market for over ten years now. They have handled more than 150 software and web development projects around the world. The places that Selleo extends its services to are India, Australia, Europe, and America. They provide in-house teams of PHP developers to develop the software you require or the web page that requires maintenance. They have to build several applications and business domains for leading industries and technology firms.  

The construction of a good website requires a lot of specialized skills, and Selleo provides for just that. It increases the overall productivity of the site, acting as leverage for your business. Some teams specialize in single-page applications. The hourly rate to hire PHP developer ranges from $55 to $70.

4. Iflexion

Iflexion has been in web development for over two decades. This company has been providing solutions based on the software and web page development requirements. The office offers around 850+ professional developers who will help your business make your website and build a customer base that reaches out across the globe. Geographical location does remain a constraint anymore; once you opt for Iflexion to provide you with solutions in the field of PHP with augmented and virtual; reality working in tandem with data analysis and machine learning, PHP development is more futuristic than ever as Iflexion.

They charge an hourly rate for their services. The hourly rate ranges from $25 to $49.

5. GlobalEmployees

Global Employees is the best place to hire from if you are looking to hire offshore. It delivers high customer satisfaction, and you only get top quality work when you hire from them. All developers are carefully chosen and sourced, so you get only the best. Prioritizing your satisfaction means you are guaranteed to get the results you expect, if not better.

How Do Global Employees Work?

Global Employees has a simple hiring process; first, you submit a job description with all the various details that you need to hire PHP developer. These include work experience, skills and qualifications, and everything else you want your developer to see in your job post as well as a few necessary project details.

Details you provide are then forwarded to the HR department to find suitable candidates for you. All candidates go through an in-house screening process, post which you get a consolidated candidate list. You then select candidates from that list to interview them and select the one you like best. The entire process of hiring takes only about a week or two. And if you subscribe to premium services at just $100, you get an improved turnaround time of 4-7 business days.

Why Should You Hire From Global Employees?

At Global Employees, hiring involves zero risks. After selection, if you are not satisfied with the work of your developer, you can choose the 100% money-back policy. There are no hidden charges, and you only pay what you sign up for at the start of the contract. The setup, infrastructure, management, and liability cost are on the house with no liabilities towards the client. You also get additional discounts if you hire more than one employee for your project.

Choosing to go with Global Employees means you expand your presence rather than merely outsourcing to them. All contracts are short-term, and you get the option to scale up or down as per your needs. Your employee will work at flexible timings, which you can choose depending on your time zone.

6. Cyber Infrastructure

Cyber Infrastructure provides customized solutions for its clientele. With 12 plus years of experience up their sleeve, the PHP developers provided by Cyber Infrastructure know HTML, PHP, and CSS. The experience of this company works as its unique selling point. Their services are mechanized to put someone’s business on the next level. Its design helps to reduce the communication gap between the business provider and the clients of the company. Customers are crucial, and the PHP developers and Cyber Infrastructure understand the importance of that.

CIS has put itself on exceptional standards and is globally recognized. Hiring PHP developers at CIS will put your business on the world map. 


S- PRO is your innovation partner for your journey as a website owner. The company bases its work around the customer. They will help you build your website to fuel the needs of your customer base. The PHP developers at S PRO have partnered with firms like Founder Institute, Link, and BCCS Cluster. Provide a personal touch to your website and make it your own with the help of these professional PHP developers at S –PRO. Get solutions provided for the web page without having to go through any hassle from your side. 

8. SPEC India

SPEC India is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 company that specializes in Custom Software Development, Mobile application making, and maintenance, and well as for analytics solutions. SPEC India is a trusted name among the PHP development service providers in India. It also specializes in Software management and legacy software solutions. From product design to product engineering, SPEC India provides all of these services under one umbrella. It makes SPEC unique. The vast array of services provided brings with itself the opportunity to hire PHP developers that are great but also excellent service providers for your dream website.  

SPEC India services Fortune 500 companies and 300 plus clients trust in SPEC India.

9. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is one of the most reliable companies that provide software development, website development, and app development services in the USA. This company has been in existence since the beginning of 2009, which means years of experience in services rendered by them. The company known for its seasoned web developer specializing in PHP is also known for delivering quality software design solutions. It is your one-stop destination for all your business promotion and website development needs.

OpenXcell believes in working under strict deadlines and delivers quality over quantity. They charge an hourly rate for the services of the PHP developers. The charges begin from $25 and increase to $ 55 depending on the kind of services required.

10. DCSL Software

One of the UK’s leading development companies, DCSL Software, generates revenue not just from web development but also from consultancy services across the UK. The company also provides the same services that all the previous mentioned ones did.

Why select DCSL? DCSL provides intuitive solutions with the help of the clients. They believe that the clients’ ideas for their website would be the best. The client is the king of DSCL. The webpage that gets designed has the added advantage of being inspired by you. It adds a personal touch to the web page.

11. Powercode

If you are one of those business owners who trust in coding languages and know that they can revolutionize their business, you have come to the right place. Powercode hires coders from around the globe and you can hire PHP developer with substantial experience through them. It is based in Ukraine and has user-oriented designers to guide you through every step of the website designing procedure. 

Blend in your ideas with product placement solutions and web development from the best developers that the company has to provide.

Concluding Thoughts:

You can always hire an individual web developer. These web and PHP developers have expertise in various languages and subjects. Their area of knowledge is not only restricted to PHP. They can help you design the website with other coding languages like Java or HTML. They bring with themselves the skill of data analytics and mining. It will help you reach the customer base that is the most suitable for you. With the power of that in your hands, these personal PHP developers will bring to you a website that reaches out to the target audience. These websites do not fail in the aspect of bringing in more and more customers for your business or content.

However, personal PHP developers charge higher rates than companies. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to create hype for your business, look no further. Reach out and consult with the companies mentioned above, and you are good to go.


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