Tools for Fast Web Application Load Testing While Developing

Here are two tools for simple and quick web application testing during development:

Web Application testing is a critical aspect of developing an application. Often, an app which hasn’t gone through a rigorous testing phase, develops bugs when it goes live. The tools below are the best available to thoroughly test a web application.


Netling by Tore Lervik is an excellent load tester client for quick and easy web testing. It is open source and upon GitHub — always nice. It is great to read other individual’s code.

Netling will include both a Console and WPF client and cleanly is factored with a Core project which will do all of the work. With the WPF edition you test then optionally mark the test as a baseline. You can then make little changes as needed and run a rapid retest. You will get green (good) and red (bad) results if things get better. It probably should be adjusted to make sure it’s visible for the ones who have green/red color blindness. Regardless, it is a clean UI and absolutely something you will want to throw inside your utilities folder and call on often!


WebSurge includes a more fully featured device that is created by Rick Strahl. He’s known in .NET spaces for his great blog. WebSurge includes a free, quick download for personal usage; however, you ought to register it and speak with Rick if you’re prepared on using it for commercial use or a lot for personal use.

Also, WebSurge will speak the language of the Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy; therefore, it’s possible to record then playback web traffic, as well as generate sophisticated load testing situations. Session files are merely test files you’re able to place in source control then share with other team members.

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