Tips to Manage Twitter Accounts


Twitter, like Facebook, is a free social networking and too some extent, a micro blogging site that helps an individual or an enterprise connects to the larger target audience. Twitter enables individuals to arrange impromptu gatherings and with a single tweet or posting inform everyone in one’s network. Twitter postings, popularly known as tweets, have a character limitation of 140, and therefore tweets contain mostly compressed links leading to a desired profile on twitter or some other multimedia portal in the likes of YouTube. Enterprises and entrepreneurs use Twitters to connect to their customers because these days everybody is on Twitter. This social media platform helps build credibility around a particular brand. A presence on social media spells credibility and therefore, customers have a sense of trust with enterprises having a social media presence. Any communication is imperfect with a feedback. Twitter enables customers provide real time feedback regarding a particular product and service. This platform also allows companies to run all possible promotions and provide regular updates regarding product launches. Previously internet marketing experts used to take care of social media accounts of an enterprise. The language of business has changed thereby, calling for immense understanding of platform. As a result of this, enterprises are seeking to hire a social media manager who knows the language and mechanisms of Twitter. A social media expert has a great understanding of the great differences between the different social media platforms and how each of these accounts needs to be tackled.

There is a definite way in which a social media expert leverages Twitter as a platform for business and marketing. Some of these tips are:

  • Avoid using ‘I’ in the tweets if you are managing a company’s account- Please understand that every brand has its own identity and this should be kept in mind while framing the different tweets.  The trick is to avoid using the first person singular noun.

  • Create a separate company account for technical support- Many a times, social media platforms like Twitter are a direct interface with customers and as a result, customers also start reporting their problems on the profile itself. It is always wise to have a separate customer support profile; depending upon the business vertical a company belongs, to separately and dedicatedly address customer’s issues. A lack of such platform would undoubtedly create a lot of confusion thereby, not only impacting a company’s reputation but also spoiling the relationship with the customer.

  • Time your tweets- It is important to schedule your tweets at regular intervals. This not only gives you the time to respond appropriately to the feedback of the customers but also put in some thought behind each tweets.

  • Set your priorities- It is important to identify people in the network who really add value. Make sure to respond to all their feedback and queries. In a day, you will find huge number of tweets on the company profile. First, address the ones that are really important followed by the remaining ones using your discretion.

Apart from following the above mentioned best practices, it is important that social media experts leverage modern day tools and applications to make one’s account on twitter popular and accessible. So before an enterprise sets out to hire a social media expert, they should make sure that the person knows about tools such as, Buffer, CoTweet, HootSuite,, SocialOomph, Triberr, TweetDeck, Twitterfeed, and Visibli.


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