Strategies for Link Baiting in 2014


Link baiting is one of the most recognized ways of attracting quality links to a particular page.  Search engine algorithms may change from time to time but link building through the process of link baiting would continue to remain as an important strategy in digital marketing. The core is content and therefore link baiting cannot be possible without quality content. Here the content serves as the bait. Link building experts over the years have been experimenting with different link baiting strategies and towards 2014; they have identified strategies that would work long term. As a result, digital marketing agencies are being extremely careful while they decide upon a budget to hire a link builder. Enterprises these days are willing to invest in resources that are experienced and have a long term business strategy.

In terms of link baiting, some of the strategies that would work on a long-term basis are:

  • Incorporating the factor that makes content shareable: It is very important to understand what makes a content piece shareable. It is a very popular adage that content that goes viral on the social media is likely to attract more links compared to others. Therefore, for content, it is very important to highlight a point of view that one genuinely believes in. Too extreme a thought can either alienate or draw considerable attention. It‘s all about the opinion that one supports.  Moreover, avoiding too heavy an undertone is necessary. Even a heavy subject matter must be dealt on a lighter note so that it is easier for the audience to understand.

  • Ensuring creativity and originality through persistent brainstorming: With online audience becoming smarter each day, it is important to cater to their needs carefully. Repetition can greatly lead to redundancy thereby, brainstorming with concerned groups are must.  Debates and sessions must be encouraged for new ideas and perspectives.

  • Identifying powerful resources of information: Deriving content from a credible source is very important. The credibility of content can go a long way in establishing an organization’s foothold in the digital world. For link builders, it is must since their main aim is to attract quality link to their sites. Link building experts need to identify sources of credible information as they would like to attract link from similar sources.


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