Has SharePoint Lost It’s Value in Market?


Imagine the time when people had so much to do and all had to be done manually like writing the same letter again and again to send the same thing to different people as a notification to different places, managing the bills, arranging other important documents date wise or maybe alphabetically and infarct a lot more management of work!  Along with that there must be some vexation into people’s mind regarding how to do it all in one go?  Thankfully in 1995 Internet came as a sigh of relief to many of the people and slowly there were much software’s hitting the market and making people’s life easier and manageable.

One such aid for enterprises and IT organization was SharePoint- a product of Microsoft Office Server Suite. Launched in 2001, it had left an impeccable impression upon the users because it was a wonderful collaboration tool- compiling Internet, Social Networking, Business Intelligence, Content Management, Extranet, Workflow management etc. and people relied on it because of its central management, governance and security controls.

As time has been moving at a predictably high pace, there is currently a scabbard of collaboration tools which now is obviously competing with SharePoint. Where SharePoint developers have been using only Silverlight, jQuery and Microsoft Azure, there are very alluring features which other collaboration tools are offering. Even though SharePoint has it various versions, still people are always looking forward to better mechanisms, mainly the Cloud Service, which SharePoint was very slow to embrace and it sadly became a drawback. There are many plug-ins also, which were confusing for the users.

Now in 2016, everyone is looking forward to the phenomenal release of SharePoint 2016, being the first on prem release ever since Microsoft moved on to integrate the cloud service.  Though the focus has been on Microsoft Office 365, yet people are optimistic about seeing its support to Microsoft’s Hybrid Strategy.

Now moving on to its competitors, the major ones are Google Drive and Dropbox. Others include EMC corp., IBM and Jive Software which too are gaining importance nowadays. These all provide what the users want, that is a better myriad of options of Social Web Content and Content Delivery Functionality.  These are Cloud Giants and offer better sharing and storage options and an up time ranging from 99.65-100% as per the research done by tech savvy researchers, who stated that a data of up to 500MB can be stored and shared with in 400 seconds.

Let’s see now, what is coming up with the new release of SharePoint 2016, hoping that it would prove to be a stronger platform for extranet and internet strategies.


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