How to Set Up Development Environment for WordPress Using WAMP Server


WampServer is a popular web development platform that allows a developer to create applications easily by leveraging common databases in the likes of MySQL, PHP and Apache 2. These days the web is evolving and converging so much so that a developer has to really know about cross-developmental issues. For WordPress, one of the greatest developments is that Wamp server can be leveraged to set up a development environment where changes can be implemented in a secure environment without affecting the live site hosted on WordPress. Therefore, these days WordPress development agencies are constantly reaching out to hire WordPress developers who have a working knowledge of WAMP server.

Let’s understand how these WordPress developers work with WAMP servers.  The whole idea is to create a development environment that can easily interchange WordPress themes. The first step is to download and install the WAMP server. The next step is to set the database. Generally, in the case of WordPress, a database can be created by first typing ‘localhost’ and selecting ‘phpmyadmin’ from the tools.  Once the server is installed in the c drive, the developers try to locate the www folder and copy WordPress into it. Visit our partners’ website – . Very interesting and exclusive content. To set up the development environment, one typically opens up the wp-config-sample.php with any text editor. Furthermore, the developer changes the database name with WordPress and sets the database user to root and database host to local host. These are the major steps that are followed. The final step involves the setting up of the local site on WordPress. Here the developer  has to  click on the WordPress folder within the local host and work on the setup page. Once the pages are filled, the development environment is ready.


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