Principles for Successful Web Design


Designing a website requires much more than just information gathering. An effective website is one that considers the audience and implements your business goals. There are certain principles that every professional web designer applies to ensure success:


Make use of images and videos instead of text. Visuals are much more effective in communicating your ideas and message across to the customers than any other form of media. The best practice is to combine images with powerful messages to catch the visitor’s attention.


Ensure that all the web pages on your website have a familiar feel. The backgrounds, navigation, text size, color schemes, and content should all be consistent across every page on your site.

Hick’s Law:

The higher the number of choices, the greater the time required for making a decision, this is psychology law that perfectly illustrates how you need to design your website. Your aim should be to add filters to your website that minimize the choices for the visitors on your website.


The visitors on your website should never have to make an effort to find information. This is one of the fundamental principles of website design. Important information about your business such as contact information should always be accessible and available readily to the user.

A successful website is one that is interactive, accessible, and consistent. When you are designing a website, make sure that you apply the right principles to maximize user satisfaction. For more details, please visit here: web designers for hire.


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