Is it Possible to Have Static Types in PHP without HHVM or PHP 7?


Upon the Site Point PHP blog your raffishness ponders the question if it’s possible to have static types in PHP without HHVM or PHP 7? Amongst the core features presented by both these platforms includes the ability to strictly type things and enforce more proper handling of data. PHP, done by a PHP developer, previously has been a “lazy typing” language and regularly would change the type of a variable depending upon the immediate necessity. This obviously may cause unpredictable behavior.

PHP 7 has been out for a while and has intriguing features such as null coalescing operator, error handling, scalar type declarations, etc, we oftentimes hear the individuals still stuck with PHP 5 stating it possesses a weak typing system, as well as that things rapidly become unpredictable.

Although that’s especially true, PHP permits you to maintain control of your application if you know what you are doing.

They show how, with a sequence of examples, to add some extra validation with exceptions to make sure the input is the proper type. But, this may be more time consuming and challenging to remember; therefore, the staff at Box put together an augmented type’s extension, bringing a bit of the static typing to PHP 5.x. They’ll assist you in getting it installed and working within your PHP installation and will include an example of it in use using Doc Block-based type hints. This extension offers handling for the fundamental types and multiple arguments, arrays, return types and default values.


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