Why is PHP Used More in Website Development Today?

In today’s time, websites are our primary source of data. We visit and search sites to retrieve information. We’ll get entertainment and enrichment along the way. All of this wasn’t possible earlier as a website was static in nature with restricted capabilities as far as helping users with information was concerned. The scenario significantly changed over the years and currently most websites are dynamic in nature; therefore, offering users ease of accessing and retrieving information of choice. Most technologies worked in this transition of sites from static over to dynamic, and PHP’s one of them. PHP has evolved so much so that PHP web development is now the go to for both businesses and developers alike.

Why PHP web development?

It’s a server-side; open source scripting language helping in the development of websites to increase user engagement in modern days. It is a language that has an ever-increasing share within the website development arena with over 8 out of 10 sites on the globe selecting this as their scripting language. Obviously, we can witness the popularity of a scripting language which will form the crux of website development. This couldn’t have occurred without a bit of really useful features as there are a lot of other languages too in the marketplace, yet they collectively don’t comprise even 1/5 of PHP market share.

Therefore, it makes sense to analyze these features which offer this scripting language such a massive lead over other ones in the domain. One main reason for its popularity is that it is simple to use and it is very easy for beginners to understand. It isn’t a complicated programming language; instead, it is organized and clean. Whether it is beginners or PHP developer pros, everybody likes to work in this language for the available simplicity and clarity.

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