Outsourcing: All Set for the Big Shift


Inching towards changing times and business ecosystems, the Indian outsourcing industry is all set to shake up from the economic stagnation of the last financial year and make it better in 2013. The outright approach of the outsourcing partners will be towards leveraging the smartest mix of business models, communication channels and strategic partnerships. Among an array of decisions that would be undertaken by outsourcing agencies to satisfy the market demands, one significant decision would be to go for geographical diversification or global staffing. This mechanism of hiring and bringing talented resources On-board would totally focus on hiring the best candidate available for a given position, irrespective of the geographical location of the person.  Any business is dependent on the capabilities and experience of a resource and this can be leveraged using the high-end connectivity and communication mediums.  Since there is no set equation for achieving operational efficiency in business, so the IT services industry will witness an increasing bent towards having the best mix of onshore, offshore and nearshore outsourcing strategies. The permutation and the combination of these strategies would clearly depend on the demands of the client.

With newer IT solutions evolving to take the process of automation and process efficiency to the next level, a lot of outsourcing companies will have to come up with newer Service Level agreements that guarantee complete Hand-holding and troubleshooting. There can be another situation wherein the service providers will partner with consultancies to offer consultancy services to the same client.  The whole idea is to have a value driven system to the business challenges rather than just having a smart outsourcing partner that can add in innovation and boost the overall functioning. kisskl. Industry veterans feel that it is not just about saving costs but achieving the flexibility and desired time for working on the super critical business functions. Another important approach towards outsourcing that will witness a paradigm shift is the tendency to approach outsourcing without any strategy setting. Even though outsourcing itself is a major strategy but working in a complex ecosystem of multiple vendors, consultants and service level agreements calls for increased preparedness and goal mapping.

Another major development in the entire drama of Indian outsourcing is the power utilization of the social media, cloud and mobility. A multitude of smaller players have emerged in the tier 2 cities with smart solutions that promise endless possibilities in business.  However, these service providers with increasingly specialized services will take a while to gain a significant foothold in the competitive market. This change will not happen overnight. Once the scope for these specialized solution increases, the outsourcing market will team with innovative IT solution providers. Accordingly, the demand for new skills and competencies will arise. So moving ahead, the business of outsourcing will create newer possibilities across the different industry verticals.

In the midst of whole lot of challenges, the organizations and enterprises have to start accepting their outsourcing partners as a close ally and therefore, establish an amicable work relationship. This is significant because earlier enterprises interacted with the outsourcing providers purely from the business perspective. Times have changed and therefore, to implement a strategy, it is important to support the solution provider understand the growth map of the enterprises thereby, involving him in important events and decision-making.


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