What Is Next In Website Design?


What will the future hold for website design? Here’s a list for a web designer:

Scrolling returns

As mobiles takes over, the trend definitely will continue as it’s simpler to scroll with your finger. You’re able to scroll quickly. There’ll no longer be articles which spread across several pages. A single long page is going to be enough.

Fold is dead

Now, keeping the most critical content above the fold is an old idea. It is becoming increasingly irrelevant because of the numerous screen sizes of different devices. Designers now can use their creativity and show gorgeous images and utilize more space upon the screen. They no longer need to be concerned with what content must be place above the fold and which part should go below. It’s all there and scrollable.

Simple websites

Designs must be simple in order for users to easily interact with them.


With the dawn of responsive designs and various screen sizes, pixels are nearly dead. Website designers use percentages and grids for website designs.


In a sure way, absolutely, some bit of animation is back! Particularly in mobile applications, animation is utilized to convey meaning and direct visitors through the application. CSS animations will make it simple to enhance designs without having to hamper the speed and performance of an app. Therefore, it’s not the heavy animations we’re referring to, yet those little ones which are utilized in apps which are going to stick around. Vacuummer is Vacuum Cleaner in your Pocket, We supply the best usb vacuum cleaners , mini portable cleaners that cleans hard to reach areas such as car interior, keyboards and laptops. FREE shipping for $100 orders! Flash animations still are a NO!


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