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What use would content be of, if it does not have readers at all! What use would a web page be of, if the customers can’t even stay for 20 seconds on it! So if your question to yourself is “Why am I lagging behind in business?” the answer lies in your own content. In this article we would be talking about how to bloom up your business through a perfectly embraced website made using Front-end and Back-end programming.

In order to create a winsome website, we focus on two technical points: 1) Front End and 2) Back-end Programming.

As by the name itself we can figure out, that the front-end takes care of the overall look of the website like managing the graphics, texts and videos appearing on the website. Frontend Developers work over three important coding languages-CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Which pop ups would be used or how would the validation be done, all fall under the front-end programming. So mainly it focuses on the design view also taking care of mobile compatibility and user experiences.

Now talking about the back-end programming for the website, we can say that it is what we cannot see straightway on the page. It is all about coding. It mainly focuses on the working of the website. It is used for keeping a database of visitors and the information they received from the website and whatever information they gave to the website. It is in the hands of the back-end programmer whether to keep the website strong and rigid enough not to let any third party extract the consumer data, or to keep it flexible and ready for a change.  Back-end programming uses programming languages like PHP, RAILS, PYTHON, JAVA, C++ Ruby etc. to make it more user-friendly and entertaining.

It is very important to beautify the site with all relevant and interesting content to keep the audience engaged. That is the reason we focus a lot on front-end and back-end programming.

Summarizing the usage of front-end and back-end programming we can say :

  • Correct usage of words and images

  • Putting informative yet short memory videos so that the page gets uploaded easily

  • Keeping in mind the space every matter occupies

  • Website is formulated in convenience to the user interface

  • Interactive elements like sliders, quizzes and drop downs and other social interaction methods of sign up for the newsletter or edit page content or sending a contact form

All incorporated in the website with the help of front-end and back-end programming. Need of the hour in business world is to elicit an attractive website to gain more and more of profit through its eye catching content.

Author Bio:

The author has been writing technical blogs for a laudable time period now. Specifically, writing about website programming and website designing.


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