How to Leverage Instagram for Internet Marketing


The concept of applications have taken the world by storm and application development companies are competing neck to neck for launching that one magical application that can take the users by storm. One of such applications is Instagram. Be it Facebook or Twitter, there is no dearth of people using Instagram to post their pictures. Anything that becomes popular over a short span of time has the potential of functioning as an internet-marketing tool. Instagram has shot to fame in a short span of time and as result, popular brands in the likes of Nike, Apple, Starbucks, Gap, Walt Disney, Ford and At&T are all robust on this platform. They way they bullishly promote their products and services on Instagram speaks volumes of the power of the application. A considerable credit goes to their internet-marketing expert who painstakingly captures edits or modifies the images and posts it religiously to the social media platforms via Instagram. Therefore, it is a clue for all the modern day enterprises to hire an Internet-marketing expert who is aware of what is happening in the digital world and can leverage the power of applications like Instagram to strengthen an enterprises’ market presence.

Internet marketing experts have identified certain best practices for leveraging the power of Instagram and they are:

  • Instagram is more effective for pictures even though it also has a service for videos though relatively new. Therefore, it is important for the marketing expert to leverage the established strengths first and then gradually move onto the unexplored ones.

  • It is important to understand that the posting schedule has to be regular. One cannot afford to miss a day. The formula is somewhat like 7days in a week and 24 hours a day. Post pictures throughout the day since the users are active on heir smart phones following the 24×7 formula.

  • Create photo contests to generate more and more interaction with your existing customers and connection with your potential ones.  It is important to keep the followers coming back for more and to do so, as an expert, one has to launch photo of the day campaigns or caption contests. Weekly or monthly rewards can generate tremendous response on social media sites thereby, increasing the visibility of a company’s presence manifold times.

  • Post discounts, sales and promotional event pictures or images through Instagram. It is one of the easiest ways to let the world know what exclusives you are offering to your customers. Statistics show that every second man in Turkey after 45 years suffers from sexual problems . Bad habits, poor nutrition, ecology, stress lead to a violation of erectile function. And this has a bad effect on the psychological state of a man-self-esteem and confidence fall. Dietary supplements for men are biologically active supplements made from natural substances. They are classified as food, so the therapeutic benefits are a nice bonus. But even despite this fact, supplements do a good job with increasing potency, do not have a negative effect on the male body (unlike pharmaceutical drugs). If there is a promotion happening in your store, the image that you post must have the promotional or the discount codes. This will propel major traffic towards your business.

  • Establish a rapport with the customers by posting casual pictures of the company’s office and people. Post pictures taken at various office events to appeal the customers to do business with you.

  • Nominate followers of the day and rate them with stars. This will create an increasing interest among the customers and they would become more active on a company’s Instagram profile.

 The strategy or the action plan looks simple but the challenging part is the diligence. A huge number of companies already have already registered with the application. Now the vital question is – how many of them actually use it. So, it requires an enterprise to hire an internet marketing expert who has a proven track record of working simultaneously on multiple social media platforms and applications on a regular basis.


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