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As a tattoo designer I always wanted to start my own tattoo parlor, but never really had the gumption to start the venture. It was the magnanimity of setting up the business like finalizing the place, marketing, launching a website that deterred me from taking the big plunge. However, the big twist to my thought process happened when I visited my aunt Megan for Easter last year.

Aunt Megan is my favorite aunt of all. After all, it was she who painstakingly helped me add a bit of jazz and glamour to my school projects that fetched me good grades in school. OHH!!! For the records my aunt is a hobby driven pottery maker who champions the age old art of pottery and filigree work.  Meeting her after a gap of 8 long years I was pleased, surprised, shocked and let me confess, intimidated to see her become a budding entrepreneur at the golden age of 62.

Back in 2008, Aunt Megan read an article on “Home business opportunities” which motivated to transform her hobby and talent into a lucrative business opportunity. She now sells her celebrated art work through her website to customers from all over the world including some famous hotels and corporate offices.

Today the entire world revolves around three bold W’s, the World Wide Web, where impossible is nothing but nothing. It is a platform which encourages people like Aunt Megan and me to initiate a venture and make a mark. Launching a website is no problem at all. To start with, one has to choose from a plethora of content management systems for hosting the websites. Then one has to figure out the layout in Flash, thereby either hiring a couple of technical resources or outsourcing the project as a whole.

As a tattoo artist, my aesthetic sensibility is quite demanding. I wanted the home page of the website so say it all, with no words but design. I still remember my Aunt Megan’s reaction to my concern “Just hire a Flash designer!”

I am no “techie” at all, however before resorting to hire a Flash designer I needed to understand what the technology entails and how it could help my business grow. From my finding I figured that flash is an amazing technology that has revolutionized the genre of internet marketing. Flash technology enables big and small enterprises to launch their product and grab attention of the target audience by rendering creativity and interactivity through animation.  One of the biggest advantages of Flash is that it helps in transforming a creative forlorn idea into a reality. Having learnt enough and more about the Flash technology, I started the hunt to hire Flash designer with an impressive portfolio.

Yet again it was Aunt Megan’s turn to act like the beloved angel who informed me about the prospects of hiring a Flash designer from India. I was confused but again ran “Google” on outsourcing trends and got to know all that I needed to know about the nitty-gritty’s of outsourcing and how to hire a talented Flash designer.


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