How to Work With a Web Designer to Redesign Your Site


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Below are 5 tips which may make your work with a web designer easier:

Don’t make things worse

As you analyze your e-commerce site, some companies may be easily satisfied and become complacent, whereas other ones may interfere too much with things which already are working well. Avoid both of those extremes within the process of resigning. Ask your service provider to offer you solid reasons, why your site requires a redesign. Check out the facts or flip through case studies to discover if a revamp actually can result in more sales.

Recycle the ideal parts of your website

As you redesign, keep in mind not to discard your older site. Don’t permit your designers to get on with their very own version of your site, as the critical details in your old site are neglected. Utilize your older website as a basis for research then spend some time evaluating the analytics.

Avoid losing your links and rankings

If you have an established e-commerce shop, you’ll already have multiple high-ranking pages in search engines. Also, you’ll have other sites that link to your content. With all of this precious traffic you should strive to guard such assets while redesigning. Ask the website designer to not avoid your links and rankings during your redesign. Insist upon utilizing 301 redirects in order to direct your visitors as well as search engines, for pages that have changed web page names. In addition, keep in mind to see if all of your PPC links or ad banners are still correct after your redesign.


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