How to Select Marketing Friendly CMS


Content management system emerged and evolved with the sole aim to make content management and administration better. Traditionally, the task of managing a website was the responsibility of the IT department of an enterprise. With online marketing becoming more complex and structured, it is no longer within the capabilities of the IT department. Therefore, enterprises these days prefer to hire an online marketing expert who can manage the content and implement marketing strategies as well. As the internet evolved, along with it evolved online marketing strategies. This made content the pivotal point of every marketing activity. To maintain this content, it was important to have a mechanism through which fresh content would regularly get updated and the assets would get logically stored. With the emergence of the content management system, this became an organized activity. Hence, a gradual emphasis was given to choose a content management system that would support online marketing activity. Therefore, digital marketing agencies must hire internet marketing expert who has a working knowledge of different content management systems.

From the IT perspective, any software solution must be selected after determining its compatibility with the existing IT systems. Going with this theory, enterprises would end up buying content management systems compatibles with SharePoint and other popular technology platforms. This approach might not fit the bill when it comes to multiple users. The approach is different when it comes to marketing. To the marketing team, it is important to have a system wherein the stakeholders involved find it easier to operate and handle. There are certain parameters that needs to be considered while selecting a CMS that is marketing friendly and these are:

  • Set a common goal: It is important that the IT and the marketing team sit together and discuss the goals that a CMS will help them achieve in their organization. They must identify a list of scenarios where the CMS will not only add value to the process but also eliminate redundancy.

  • Allow the stake holders to test drive the CMS: It is important for the stakeholders to evaluate different features of the CMS. Without this test drive, chances are high that an enterprise may end up investing in a non-relevant product.

Check out the different alternatives available in the market- It is important to evaluate the different alternatives available in the market to be able to identify important features and product containing those features.


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