How to Pitch Outsourcing Services in the Market


The outsourcing industry is evolving and changing, and as a service provider, you would readily agree that there is a lot of competition. With multiple players in the ecosystem, it is task in itself to attract the attention of the prospective client and subsequently convert that attention into a long-term business relationship. Service providers adopt a lot of sales and marketing strategies to entice the client but the key is really understand the ethos behind adopting outsourcing and what is it the client or the customer is looking it.

To really tap into potential and the opportunities, first it is critical to understand who your target audience is. This clarity would help you in channelizing all the efforts in the right direction. Now that you know your clients, it is important for you to understand the business environment of your target audience so that you can make an effective sales pitch that focuses on SWOT analysis, building effective relationships and effective problem solving. The best way is to interact with the client and understand the genuineness of intent as to whether they really need to outsource or not. Before you actually make a whole lot of promises with the thought running that you would agree to every possible clause stated in the RFP, you must really understand the critical parameters of success in an outsourcing relationship. A business relationship is all about being mutually beneficial and value creation. To really be able to deliver to your customer’s satisfaction, as a service provider, engage your marketing team to really understand the client’s vision and then effectively link that to your product and service line. Without these connect, there can be no business.  The modern day service providers also need to act as facilitators and support groups that would enable a client in making a well-informed decision to outsource to India.

In a nutshell, to be able to make a strategic sales pitch before a prospective client, you have to:

  • Understand the entire paradigm of the decision making process and that includes cost efficiency, process improvement, resource optimization, strategic alignment, and risk mitigation.

  • Fathom the position of the customer in the entire buying process and this essentially involves a clear understand whether the client needs an introduction to outsourcing or your company.

  • Approach the pitching from top to the bottom of the hierarchy because every decision starts with business and then boils down to the technical aspect.

  • Make an effort to transform the client’s interest into confidence in your outsourcing services through strong success stories and good references from the relevant industry.

  • Focus on generating value according to the nature of the customer’s business considering the fact that each customer has different vision for his business.

These are some of the insights that the thought leaders of the outsourcing industry have pinned down but there is more to establishing a connect with the client. The best way is to always invest in the sales and marketing model to be able to access top market analytics for efficient pitching.


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