Future Road-Map of Search Engine Optimization in 2013


Digital is nowhere without search engine optimization. With each day, the pressure to create a strong sustaining presence on the search media engines is increasing in leaps and bounds. Therefore, enterprises adopting digital marketing strategies are looking forward to hire SEO experts with considerable exposure to not only SEO but also related fields such as web design and content. Every form of digital presence either in the form of newsletters, websites, mailers have to confirm to the SEO standards. As a result, SEO is now looking more holistically towards all aspects of web. Naturally, the road-map for SEO is evolving and emerging with tumultuous changes every now and then.

The future road-map of search engines in 2013 would call for SEO experts to follow certain aspects very closely. Some of the major ones being content, web design, guest posting, social media, and responsive web standards. The SEO experts currently need to:

  • Generate content that is useful, detailed, informative and has variety: Gone are the days when only a 500-word article would do well for an SEO expert. Currently, articles with more than 1000 words are in great demand. Content just does not mean words. It also includes tutorials, multimedia videos, and presentations. The whole idea is to have a rich and quality content. Variety is the ultimate spice of life and therefore, in the world of web as well, it is the variety that is considered to be powerful bait to attract the attention of the target audience.

  • Establish a clear authority over one’s content using Google Authorship: Google and other major search engines are constantly generating mechanisms for recognizing your authority on a particular type of content. Therefore, it is important that an SEO leverages these mechanisms to generate a certain content authority and presence over the web.

  • Maintain quality link building at all times and diversify link text: Search engines do keep changing their algorithms and hence, it is imperative that an SEO expert maintains the standard of the links. The approach towards building link is becoming extremely organic and so, it is no longer about just getting any back links.

  • Encourage responsive and good web design: Design is all about user experience and therefore is a key factor that supports search engine initiatives. An SEO expert should be able to drive the website design in accordance to SEO principles. Since this calls for a considerable experience in the digital domain, the enterprises increasingly prefer to hire an SEO expert with rich experience in internet based marketing initiatives.

Therefore, it is clear that SEO is more of strategy than a mere tactic and so an SEO expert has to be aware of everything that is happening on the web.


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