Farewell to Orkut



It was that long lost name which caught my attention the other day. A farewell message from “Orkut”.

I was taken back memory lane when I wouldn’t wait for that blue timeline wall to post my status and picture. It was the scrapbook but last day I happened to see this name flickering from my inbox, asking for a transition’s. It was all about opening the account for the last time to export data profile, some long lost photographs, a few of those memoirs and many of those grizzled memories tucked inside one of the most alive social networking sites of our time.

Yes, this news was all over the media a few days back, “Finally its Orkut bidding farewell.”
Google is the founder of Orkut, 10 years back Orkut came into being in the year 2004. Orkut was then Google‘s “20 percent project”. This actually enabled employees to work according to their interest on project for one-fifth of their time.

But simultaneously another social networking site was getting prepared to be launched and it was Facebook. Orkut had fancied those dreams which Facebook actually lived. It was Facebook which was gleaming with glory with its online interaction platform, gaining stupendous popularity with each passing day, right from status sharing to photo upload; it was dominantly climbing the stairs of success in the social networking ring.

Though it has been claimed that Orkut had never touched that popularity quotient which Facebook did. It was popular in Brazil and India but gradually people started moving from Orkut to Facebook. Facebook had already made its presence felt. By the year 2010 Orkut users in India started to move to Facebook, seemingly Facebook took away the throne. Be it uploading your favourite dish or writing about your day at office or just sharing the pain of your divorce, it had become an open door to your feelings.

It has been declared by Engineering director of Orkut, Paulo Golgher that since a decade, other networking sites like YouTube, Google + and Blogger have touched the walls of popularity with communities getting hooked into such sites. These communities have superseded Orkut. Orkut stood there still all these years alone, while these communities took the world by storm. Paulo Glogher also referred that now it’s the time to bid farewell to Orkut. It’s time to make other sites more alluring.

Eventually it was decided that maintenance of this site is of no use. 30th September is the last date, so all those Orkut users can collect all their belonging, memoirs and photos, as it’s time to say the last good bye.

A few reasons for Orkut’s failure

  • While comparing Orkut with facebook it has been found that there are less number of users in Orkut

  • The features were not updated on a regular basis

  • Was not as friendly as Facebook

  • Speed was quite slow

Well, now as Orkut will just be another name in our memory, some thoughts would dazzle while we utter the name in future. A few friends made, some crazy events captured, some great moment freezed and lots of memories of good old days with Orkut.

Here’s our farewell to one of the most popular networking sites of our times that taught us to be social.



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