How to Establish Firm Foundation of Your Website?


Building a website for your start up is one of the must do’s in the modern era. It is just like giving your business a face on web. People will see it, try to know about it and in turn will be entertained by you, and might want to invest in your brand of products.  Would just building a website serve the purpose?  Of-course not! You would have to bring the user to it, through Google or other channels.

Only by building a good website you cannot guarantee traffic to it. It is more like setting up a showroom in some busy street. Until and unless you get all things right you have to optimize it in a way that people can first reach it, then like it and then give you the business.

Here are some impact factors you should know and can work upon after your site is built:

Check, Check and Recheck:

It may sound more like an old saying, but this phrase suits here well enough. You have to check your website for its quality. Browser and mobile compatibility are vital factors. There are so many operating systems, so many browsers and so many devices these days. The web site should be compatible with all of them, be it a browser or a device.

Boost the SEO:

SEO is one of the most important factors which would drive the traffic to your website. Actually it is a whole process which runs simultaneously while building and after the completion of the website. Right choice would help your site to make it to the top results in Google search.

Simple and Impressive UI:

User-interface (UI) is something that many people may not consider a thing to watch out. But, remember this is something which will keep the visitor involved and interested. It should be simple but impressive, not at all be too complex to understand and navigate.

Informative Content:

The content should be informative. It should have the appropriate word count as per the SEO and not too over burdened with tonnes of technical terms. It should give the user a clear understanding about your product or services. After all that is what he is interested in.

Traffic Analysis:

This is one thing you have to be very clear about. Who are the visitors, how are they reaching to you and what audience you are targeting? Try to understand the traffic flow and optimize it.

Empower it with Social Media:

If you are not active on social media then not a problem, but if your business is not, then it may be. Social media provides you a great opportunity to explore and reach to more and more people. It is one of the most in fashion trend among the online marketers.

All these things may not be as simple and easy as they appear to be. And yes they may also not give you high ranking or traffic in one go. But they will ensure you that you are going right. Use right keywords and key phrases, work on some promotion activities and try to make some small required changes according to the traffic reviews and needs. And it would help you making your online presence stronger and higher. For more details, please visit here.


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