Challenges Faced By Social Media Expert


Marketing is one of the most powerful and the most challenging exercises in the modern world. Social media, currently, is one of the most powerful tools for marketing and connecting to the potential customers at large. Like every other tool, even social media platforms are beset with their own unique kind of challenges.  The first and foremost challenge is to understand how the different social media networks function uniquely. Managing a company’s account on the multiple social networks is one of the most daunting tasks. So, if an enterprise plans to hire a social media manager, then an enterprise should primarily understand whether the candidate has prior experience in managing social media networks and also, how he or she is able to present the same update in different platforms.

Some of the other challenges that a social media expert has to face are:

  • Adoption of different tools and technologies to remain updated in the market.

  • Integrating multiple networking channels to meet the common goal of marketing.

  • Coping up with the rapidly changing market dynamics.

  • Adapting the existing marketing strategy  to the accessibility of internet via tabs, smartphones, and other evolving devices.

  • Creating the provision for constantly training the resources as per the changes in the market.

  • Keeping a track of the buying pattern of the target audience.

  • Updating oneself constantly to the changing dynamics of the market.

An enterprise always needs to hire a social media expert because to stay ahead in the market, one needs to speak the language of the target audience. Therefore, an enterprise needs to be very careful while hiring such a professional.


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