Can Responsive Webdesign Hamper the SEO Metrics of a Website?


Off late responsive web design has taken over the entire gamut of web design wherein the main emphasis is to make the websites accessible through all possible devices. Hardly do the designers think about the impact the overall responsive web architecture has on the SEO aspect. Therefore, it is always a better idea to hire an SEO expert who is aware of the responsive web design and its problem areas so that he or she can guide the web design team while they are building a website from scratch or modifying the existing website as accessibility standards.

According to SEO experts, responsive web design principles can greatly impact the workings of keywords because of certain factors and these are:

  • Inferior quality website architecture- Responsive architecture is such that it prevents the transcoded pages from appearing in the mobile search function. Certain features get pushed to the bottom according to the new design standards and most often these are things that people search very frequently on a particular web. This speaks of one of the major architectural issues regarding layering of information.  Let’s understand the concept with the help of an example.  Let’s take the example of Disney websites. The major issue lies in aligning search behavior to the information architecture. Online games are an important and strategic feature of Disney’s website. Many a times it happens that a lot of games do not show up in the search results thereby indicating a technical fault or redirects he user to the initial page. In that case, the responsive web designs architecture do not work. These problems can be only served by a proper design whether it is responsive or not. Herein, the SEO expert has to help the designers work with responsive architecture in such a way that normal search can be conducted while accessing internet through smart phones or for that matter any device.

  • Lack of mobile specific keywords- It is important to understand the search mentality when it comes to smart phones. The search tendencies may differ or not differ when it comes to mobile search.  In responsive web design scenarios, the sites majorly rely on the search filters that are not crawlable. This prevents the user from connecting to the greater web database and getting the desired results. An SEO expert has to find out mobile specific keywords and integrate them into the responsive web architecture in such as way that the needs of the user is catered, irrespective of the smart phone one is using.

  • Slow speed of responsive websites- It’s a fact that many responsive websites are slower and this severely affects the SEO function.

  • Lacks of good features- The responsive websites have this huge responsibility for catering the similar content through a variety of devices.  Responsive websites lack features in the likes of GPS and camera that creates an app like experience. Visit our partners’ website – . Very interesting and exclusive content.

One thing is for sure that one cannot sidetrack search engine optimization if one has to make a mark in the digital world. Whether one accesses the web through smart phones or PC’s, one cannot simply do without understanding the search tendencies of the audience and link it to the web. Responsive web design, with its entire enigma and challenges, does not boost the customer reach until and unless it is search friendly. Hence, before deciding to build a responsive web, an enterprise must hire SEO expert to help address the pertinent issues and at the same time help, the web designers deliver the magic of a responsive website.


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