Apple Lawsuit Over iPhone ‘Touch Disease’

Those who are using iPhone and are a big fan of its features might be disappointed to hear that the iPhone 6 and plus variants are scourged with ‘Touch Disease’ that has caused quite an uproar lately. However, Apple has been hesitant in the first place to accept that there is any engineering or manufacturing flaw in the handsets, which the company vouches for it and takes pride.

To understand what the colloquial term ‘Touch Disease’ imply, the touch screen of the device becomes unresponsive with a flickering black line shows up at the top of the display.  Causing much to the disappointment of iPhone lovers, the refurbished handsets continued to exhibiting the same issue leading to further brouhaha. The owners filed a suit against Apple within the United States District Court for Northern California, and alleged that the company covered up the defect and kept the users in the dark.

On the contrary, the company is alleging that the issue is due to repeatedly falling of the device on a hard surface causing further stress to the hardware. Discontentment among the customers spread widespread festering in the company’s online forums complaining about the company’s decline of the fact that the issue is related to manufacturing defect.

The hardware firm iFixit, that helps users to fix their electronic devices and other machinery, were the first one to report the widespread incidents and interestingly coined the term ‘Touch Disease’. iFixit further suggested that the flaw could also be caused due to its tendency to bend that has resulted in its touch screen being damaged or unseated which could also refer to partially a user-caused issue.

After staying months in denial, finally Apple has come to terms to repair the device for $149. Despite the fact that the issue has taken social media by storm, it took long for the company to address the problem. Coming to the conclusion, it is always good to say ‘better late than never’ and that’s what Apple rightly did.

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