Apple Launches iPhone 6 This September. . .Grab it!


The number sequence seems to move on, now it’s 6. Well, does the number series strike a chord in you? Many of you, must have guessed by now, yes, the last time you had bought iPhone 5, you must have thought for once what would iPhone 6 be like? The wait is over; gear up for the big day, Yes, Apple Inc has announced its launch event for iPhone 6 on September 9th. The grand day is round the corner.

It is being speculated from sources that Apple would make this a great launch event with 2 model, iPhone 4.7 and 5.5. Inch screens all to be unveiled on the day. It would launch these two versions to contend with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 phablets. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 has 5.7 inch display. Apple usually launches its new version of iphone in the month of September. It is likely to be a big media event.

Bloomberg and Wall street journal have confirmed that September 9th would mark the launch of 2 iPhone versions, which naturally makes it a bigger event with more excitement running on for the iphone fans.

Few of the new features which would enthrall the users in iPhone 6 are:

  • Large Screen size

  • 2 premium flavors

  • A8 Processor

  • Scratch defiant Sapphire display

Detailed Specifications:
It is said that touch ID would return once again, apart from that, iOS 8’ spotlight would be on home and health, iPhone 6 will have multiple new features that would be a fancy for iPhone users. These features are new and were not seen in iPhone 5. Presently, Apple’s iPhone, 5S and 5C have only 4 inch display. Wall Street Journal also revealed that Apple asked suppliers to build 70-80 million units of large screen phones by the end of year 2014.

Apart from the big launch there are a few more add-ons which would surely steal the show. For those of you, who have been fantasizing about Apple’s i-watch since a long time, you all can ultimately stop your breath as finally it would be launched on the same date, September 9th.
It’s also been said that iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 could enter the market by October. It surely seems an Apple year.

Big brands undoubtedly keep their customers seeking for more, so get real fruity this time with many launch events by Apple. 4k iMac, 27- inch iMac and Apple TV would follow with iPhone 6 launch. It’s Apple shower this September for all the Apple admirers.

The year-end looks quite fruitilicious with delicious Apple treat. What say!


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