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Write-ups going futile because of rejection due to plagiarism? Not understanding what would be valid? Here’s the simplest solution to all- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ,the ultimate process of affecting and hence improving visibility of a website on organic or ‘natural’ or ‘un-paid’ or ‘earned’ search engine result pages.

SEO helps in filtering all sorts of search like image search, academic search, news search and so on.

Types of SEO:

An interesting tool which helps in constructing valid and non repetitive content for web pages using HTML and XTML, generally divided into On-page (helps with Images and Text)  and ‘Off-page’ optimization(using back links)

Depending on the colors of the types of search engine optimization process, there are two kinds: ‘White Hat SEO’ which uses different techniques and methods to improve the overall ranking of a particular website and ‘Black Hat SEO’ which, contradicting general search engine guideline, exploits the weakness of search engine algorithms in order to achieve high ranking for a website.

Why SEO:

The reasons why SEO is so much important are various. Let’s take a look at them briefly:

  • Boosts the compatibility and business visibility of your website and search engines which is very much needed due to excessive competition now days.

  • Improves any website’s ranking within a brief period of a month through selected and relevant keywords.. Well written, useful and interesting link building campaign also aids successfully to higher the ranking.

  • Boosts business credibility by helping in gaining trust of the users.

  • Provide enormous insight into the clients by improving overall user experience and usability of particular website.

  • Want to promote your website on social promotion? SEO is your answer. People in general are most likely to promote your website on Twitter, Google+ if they find it by searching Google or Yahoo.

  • White hat SEO: to improve the overall ranking of a particular website and ‘Black Hat SEO: to pull off general search engine guideline, exploiting the weakness of search engine algorithms in order to achieve high ranking for a website.

Google SEO Best Practices:

Google SEO practices are your master keys to gain the trust of your users and maintain that with both them and Google. If you wonder how to keep both the users and Google happy and satisfied, have a look at these following pointers:

  • Get traffic from Google by using high quality, relevant original and unique content.

  • Make your content catchy, clear and concise to attract the clients as well as target audience.

  • Great titles and eye candy sub titles as well as brilliant descriptions are the easiest ways to increase visibility

  • Feel free to demonstrate your expertise and talent.

  • Get help of ‘On-page’ SEO to beat other websites in competition.

  • Violation of Google Webmaster guidelines is a strict ‘NO’.

  • Keep your website fresh, attractive and up to date so that your clients can get clear idea about your business.

  • Promote your website on social media and stay up to date with the latest trends.

SEO helps your website to maintain a good reputation and gain business credibility. So use these tips well to boost your website ranking and the business or you can hire SEO expert for the same.


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