Is 404 Error Hurting Your SEO Ranking? Some Facts, Some Solutions


Whether you’re on the web to browse your company’s site, design a new site, or casually surf the net, chances are, you’ve stumbled upon the occasional unwanted message known as the 404 Error. You may be beaming with delight upon seeing your own website using the webmaster tools, but all your smiles get smashed seeing the crawl error page greeting you with the most disturbing caption: “404 (not found) error”. Unfortunately, your navigation experience halts there, prompting you to leave the page with frustration.

The 404 Error message cannot be regarded as a user-friendly experience; rather, it can be quite disturbing, specifically when you are on a navigation spree. This has a negative impact on the user and often prompts him or her to backtrack and leave the page. 404 error codes are regularly personalized by specific websites, so they may appear in any plausible way, regardless of the operating system or browser.

Commonly asked questions regarding 404 Error:

  • How does the 404 error affect site ranking?

  • Do 404 errors hurt SEO?

  • Can 404 errors be removed from account?

There are many concerns related to the 404 error. Fortunately, a better understanding can help you resolve your concerns.

When a page from your site is being removed, you must have a solid understanding of the necessity of the page. This understanding is critical when determining whether the page should be moved to a new URL or whether 301 can simply redirect the old URL to the new one. A 404 error is not such an abnormality when one considers the dynamic world of the Internet and the fact that new contents are constantly replacing old ones. These errors can be seen all over the web. When a page is removed from a website, it is always ensured that it emerges with the appropriate 404 or 410 response code. A crawler can see the HTTP response code of an URL when it is able to crawl to the specific URL; it is not visible if the URL is blocked. However, there are times when Robots.txt file block it, and unfortunately, it is not possible to find its response code at this phase. Simply put, it does not affect your site’s other URL if one URL on your site ceases to exist.

How can you fix the error?

If some URL’s exist on your site 404, pressing F5 or typing the URL again from address bar is an option to fix the error. Make sure that the URL is typed carefully and properly checked; typing errors lead to 404 errors. A 404 error is basically a status code of HTTP that signifies that the page that is being searched on a site cannot be located on the server. Local bookmakers association Tell your story on the site! In real terms, the error is on the client’s side, making it appear as an error from your end. To a user, it probably appears that their typing has errors or that the page has been eliminated from the website.

Does it impact the site ranking? 

According to Google, 404 errors don’t have the ability to influence your site’s ranking status. From a technical viewpoint, 404 errors can essentially just be ignored. However, if there are messes of errors, your website runs the risk of no longer providing a user-friendly experience. It is a very important aspect in search engine optimization ranking in the long-run. A bundle of such errors is a deterrent factor. Eventually, Google (and other search engines) would not rank the site appropriately, as these create a bad user experience.

In short, 404 errors don’t always influence your SEO ranking in a negative way in the short term; however, continuous errors may impact your ranking in an adverse manner.

It’s always a good option to hire SEO expert who is well versed with SEO skills rather than having errors and losing clients to your competitors.


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