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PHP is considered the most popular scripting language among developers. It is easy to use and highly flexible. PHP frameworks help in promoting RAD or rapid application development by simplifying the coding process for the developer. Any website or application built using PHP is highly responsive and performs better than other applications. We are going to talk about the best PHP framework available for your development needs.


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What are the benefits of choosing PHP for web application development?

These days, PHP is a common choice among web developers. From beginners to experts, everyone prefers PHP language to develop web applications.

Here are some reasons why:

Open-source: PHP is open-source and is free to use for developing web applications. It is easily accessible. Using PHP does not require payment of any sort. PHP is also straightforward for developers of any stage. It is suitable for learners as well.

Huge Community Base: PHP has a vast community base. Therefore it is easy to find support. As a developer, you can find help whenever you get stuck while writing a program in PHP.

High Speed: PHP is known for its high speed. It is faster than other programming languages. Creating a website using PHP also means that the site has high performance. Its top speed is sure to surprise you.

Easy Maintenance: PHP websites are easy to maintain. Locating errors and fixing them takes very little time in PHP.

Easy Integration: PHP can be easily integrated with Memcache, MongoDB, and other systems. Both small and big industries and enterprises use PHP for website building.

High Scalability: PHP is highly scalable. It means that as a developer, you can add more servers and increase your cluster size as and when the project grows.

Object-Oriented Language: PHP is an object-oriented language. It reduces the coding process in web development. It also allows you to reside in other language classes and create custom classes as well.

PHP Frameworks: PHP has many widely used frameworks like Laravel, Zend, Yii, CakePHP, and so on. These frameworks can help to build dynamic and modern websites with multiple features.


PHP has many well-known frameworks. These frameworks stand out amongst the structures of other programming languages and therefore, developers love to work with them.

Here are the top 10 frameworks of web developers: 

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Laravel is one of PHP most popular frameworks. It is open-source and is easy to use. With Laravel, you can build dynamic web applications. Laravel simplifies some of the complex development tasks like caching, routing, sessions, and authentication. Laravel allows seamless data migration, MVC architectural support, template engine viewing, and has other such outstanding features.


CodeIgniter is a small PHP framework that has numerous features. This lightweight framework has prebuilt modules that you can use to construct reusable components. CodeIgniter has many interesting features like MVC architecture, error handling tools, security tools, and so on. It is one of the best frameworks for beginners.


Launched in 2005, Symfony is one of PHP’s oldest frameworks. It is highly reliable. Symfony can be used to develop large-scale projects for big enterprises. It comes with reusable PHP components. Symfony is also known for its flexibility. A developer can integrate Symfony with Drupal for advanced features.


CakePHP is a simple PHP tool that comes with a host of features. Its CRUD (create, read, update, delete) framework makes it easy to learn. CakePHP has many features like prevention of SQL injection, CSRF or Cross-site Request Forgery protection, input validation, and so on, that make it highly suitable for commercial applications.


The Yii framework is a component-based, universal framework. It is known for its high-performance. Yii has excellent security features. You can create web applications without having to write repetitive SQL statements. Yii also has a vast community support which is helpful and responsive.


Zend is an object-oriented PHP framework. The Zend framework can be used to build complex projects for large enterprises. Some of Zend’s features include MVC architecture, cloud API, data encryption, and so on. Zend also has proper documentation and a vast community support base.


Phalcon uses the MVC architectural design pattern. It is easy to install and use. Some of its key features include high execution speed, increased security, universal autoloader, caching, and so on. Phalcon can be used for a highly optimised performance.


Slim is a microframework with major functions. Despite its minimalistic design, it comes with many features like caching, routing, flash message support, and so on. Slim also comes with a user guide that is simple and understandable for any developer.


FuelPHP is a highly flexible framework because it supports both MVC and HMVC at the architectural level. This framework addresses all your security concerns with its high-end features like URL filtering, output encoding, and so on.


A comparatively new framework, PHPPixie aims at high-performance websites. It is based on the HMVC design pattern and comes with many features like ORM or Object-Relational Mapping, input validation, authorisation and authentication, and so on. PHPPixie’s official website claims to teach developers in 30 minutes how to use the PHPPixie framework. Its outstanding features make it attractive enough if you are willing to try out a new framework.


If you are on the lookout for a talented and experienced PHP developer for hire, it may seem difficult for you to find the right person for your company. Many web development companies will be willing to offer you their services. But there are many things you need to consider before you make a decision.

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 What is your budget for the project?

Before hiring someone, you should consider if you have budget constraints and are not willing to pay a substantial amount. You should consider getting a high-end service only when you are ready to pay for it. However, keep in mind that a developer who charges less need not necessarily be less proficient.

How quickly do you need to hire a PHP developer?

If you don’t have much time and you need to hire someone as soon as possible, look up traditional job portals like LinkedIn and Monster. You are sure to find highly qualified professionals as per your requirements. If you want to avoid the long process of in-house hiring, then go for websites like Hired and GitHub. Many top branded companies like Google hire from these places, and you will find some highly experienced developers here.

Are you willing to work with freelancers? 

Hiring someone locally will cost you twice as much as that costs to hire a PHP developer remotely. A remote PHP developer who works as a freelancer works at a less amount because of the difference in currency. Such developers are professional developers who provide you with their services when you need them. Working with freelance PHP developer is not difficult. Even though you do not get to supervise their work regularly, you can still have full control over what they do and the services they provide. These developers follow all your time constraints and work as per your company’s requirements. If you want to hire full time PHP developer, you can outsource from countries like India. You will find some highly talented developers with all the expertise and proficiency that your project may require.

Once you have decided on your budget, your time constraints and the kind of developer you wish to hire, you can move on to the next steps. At this stage, you should prepare yourself for the hiring process.

Tips for hiring a PHP developer:

Conduct Interviews: Conduct as many interviews as you want before finalizing and choosing an employee for your firm. To conduct good interviews, always prepare the questions before the interview. A good tip for making interview questions is to avoid asking clichéd questions like “What is PHP?”, “Name some PHP frameworks.” It is usual for a developer to know these things. Instead, ask questions that will test his developing skills such as “How do you set cookies in PHP?”, “What is the process of data encryption?”, and so on.

Ask about past projects and experiences: A developer with some experience is likely to have a portfolio of all the projects he or she has worked on. The portfolio will tell you how much variety and innovation the person can bring in your project. You can also ask questions about their works and as you do so, evaluate their skills and knowledge base. Check for credentials as well as background of all PHP developer for hire applications.

Evaluate soft skills: Yes, soft skills are also necessary qualities in a developer. Evaluate communication skills to see whether he or she can talk to the key members of the team. It may not be required for a developer to communicate with key members but is always a handy skill to have. Also, evaluate the kind of attitude they have. A dedicated, enthusiastic developer is likely to be more invested in your project. Additionally, ask whether the person is willing to follow time constraints as well, whether he will be able to finish your project on time. ESCORTZONE

Discuss all the terms and conditions: Once you have finalized your developer, discuss all the terms and conditions, non-disclosure agreements, and so on before hiring. It will help you avoid any confusion in the future.


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