How To Select A Web Designer

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Much of your selection of designers will depend upon whether you want to work in your area with someone, or whether you want to work remotely over the telephone with them. Below include some things to consider and ask about when you hire a web designer:

Pay close attention to how much they ask about your company. They ought to want to get to know your business and you intimately. How else will they be able to design a website which reflects your brand, you, and your company, unless they spend some time getting familiar with you?

  • Look at websites they have designed to check if you enjoy their style. Is there a specific feel to all of their websites, or are they flexible within their designs?

  • Ask them if they performed the actual layout design and graphic of the website, or if they only performed the programming.

  • If they do not perform the graphic work themselves, are then able to refer to a graphic artist?

  • Do they possess a systematic, structured preparation process which leads you through the phase of design, and will they document all of the decisions and discussions?

  • Ask them what they already know about search engine optimisation and internet marketing. Make certain that they are creating a website for you which meets your bigger business and marketing objectives.

  • Ask the designer what they charge and what the estimated price for the website is that you want. They might not have the ability to provide you an estimate until you talk about features and content of the website.

  • Ask them how they’re going to bill you. Are they going to invoice you monthly, or as specific milestones are attained? Will you need to make deposits?

  • Pay close attention to whether they will attempt to stick with the budget, or whether they’ll keep on suggesting new add-ons which raise the cost of your website. Keep in mind; designers are not responsible for the budget – you are.

  • Speak with some of their recent and current clients, to check how smooth the process went.

  • Ask them whether they’ll maintain your website following the initial design, and how much they will charge for that.

  • Be certain that the agreement states that you own the copyright to the whole site (except for graphic and stock photos…the original artist/photographer owns the stock image copyright). All content, which includes graphics which you hired somebody to custom-create for you, and all of the coding work, must be owned by you.

  • Be certain that you own the domain name, even if your designer registered it on your behalf.

  • Ask the designer for editable, source files. You must be assured that you’ll have the ability to edit the site with ease.

Tell every prospective designer what the deadline is and ask if they’re able to meet it. When you hire a web designer keep in mind, most great designers already are booked up for the next 4 to 6 weeks; therefore, you might need to wait for the web designer of your choice.