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Silverlight is a cross browser and cross platform implementation of the .NET platform developed by Microsoft. There are innumerable ways in which this technology can be leveraged. It can be used to develop Rich Internet Applications and media experience for web 2.0. Furthermore, one can effectively use the Silverlight technology to maneuver media and graphics with the help of smart programming languages and set of managed codes. The benefit is two sided because this particular technology not only creates amazing web experiences but also provides an opportunity for the budding developers to use professional tools like Visual Studio for the purpose of coding and Microsoft Expression Blend specifically for layout and graphic design. GlobalEmployees offer the best Silverlight developers from the Indian market. Share your details to Hire Silverlight Developer.

How Does A Silverlight Developer Help An Enterprise?

  • Silverlight enables the creation of applications that are inter-operable across browsers and platforms in the likes of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, Chrome, Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Silverlight enables the creation of applications specifically for the Windows phone.
  • Silver easily gets installed in minimum time as it is supported by certain automatic downloads.
  • Silverlight based sites offer rich web experience with faster and smooth streaming video, audio and animation.
  • Silverlight offers faster development life cycles and smarter tools for development.
  • Silverlight offers the capacity for outstanding graphics that provides the scope for screen based interactivity such as drag & drop, zoom, and turn directly on the browser.

Skill Set Of A Dedicated Silverlight Developer

  • Experience in working with Expression Blend and Visual Studio for Silverlight application development.
  • Expertise in C# and XAML skills.
  • Proficiency in using MVVM.
  • Experience in leveraging the potential of JavaScript.
  • Expertise in working on the .NET 3.0 to 5.0 Framework.

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