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Java Development Market In India

In the age of resource optimisation and cost efficiency, Java serves as the apt choice for the simple reason that it can perform high-level functions seamlessly. With evolved versions of smartphones vying to capture the market, Java becomes all the more important as it enables the smartphones to use MIDlets essential for running games and applications.

Benefits Of Using Java As A Programming Language

  • Java’s popularity lies in its internationalisation feature that involves the amalgamation of 16-bit Unicode characters that represent the alphabets and characters sets of the entire world.

  • Java programming has become increasingly popular because of certain reasons. Both the language and the platform have been designed keeping the security parameters in mind. The platform not only allows one to download codes but also runs it in a secure environment.

  • In terms of networking, Java offers an edge to the developers by making it easy to work with resources across the network.

  • Furthermore, Java applications can dynamically accommodate new classes to expand their functionality. An intuitive set of APIs makes Java an elegant language which enables programmers to write better code with fewer bugs thereby reducing the time to market.

  • Programming languages like Scala, JRuby, Clojure offer new and unique programming capabilities suited for different types of systems.

Why Should You Hire A Dedicated Java Developer From India?

  • JAVA developers from India provide quality document translation services.

  • India has a rich talent pool of Java developers with expertise in Java platforms such as J2SE, J2EE, Java Struts, Spring, JavaBeans (EJB),JDBC, Tomcat, JBoss, Web Logic, JNDI, JAAS, XDoclet, JavaMail, JNI, RMI, JMS, Sync4j

  • Hiring Java developers from India not only drives in cost efficiency but also drives in round the clock support because of the time difference.

Major Skills To Look For While Hiring A Java Developer From India

  • A Java developer should be aware of the basics of JAVA language and OOP paradigm.

  • A Java developer should be aware of the difference between SWING, Applet, Servlets, EJBs and JavaFX.

  • A Java developer should be aware of the difference between JRE and SDK environment.

  • A Java developer should be familiar with Spring and EJB frameworks.

  • A Java developer should know how to multithread applications.

  • A Java developer should know all about ANT, TOMCAT and other mainstream application servers.