Data Management Services In India

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Data is power. How an organization leverages its data decides to a large extent its position in the market. With volumes of data getting added to the information ecosystem each day, it is imperative for an enterprise whether big or small to implement an effective data management system. Irrespective of the requirement, the reality remains that all major decisions today are governed by cost effectiveness thereby making it essential to look for outsourcing as a smarter option. Outsourcing data management services would not only drive in increased productivity but would also improve business processes.

Challenges In Data Management

  • The existence of terabytes of operational data within an enterprise creates a complex ecosystem of data management that ultimately renders most of the data redundant.

  • The lack of decentralized data management system leads to inconsistency and lower data recovery rates.

  • The probability of a single data being used in multiple ways gives rise to security issues thereby generating the need for an evolved security system.

  • The increase in the amount of data generates the pressure for auditing every action within the user database.

  • The increased number of server deployments for multiple applications leads to inefficiency in resource utilization across the infrastructure.

  • The lack of data management experts, within an organization, can impact security, accessibility and recoverability of valuable data.

  • The increase in data calls for increase in storage capacities thereby calling for increased CPU and memory requirements and enhanced back-up.

  • The constantly evolving business landscape calls for migrations to newer platforms.

Why Is It Important To Outsource Data Management Services?

  • Outsourcing Data Management Services helps organizations maintain a quality control mechanism.

  • Outsourcing Data Management Services provides an alternative for effective space management.

  • Outsourcing drives in tremendous cost efficiency.

  • Outsourcing Data Management Services ensures complete security of enterprise data through a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed by the service provider.

  • Outsourcing Data Management Services ensures increased efficiency and productivity in terms of utilizing the captured data.

Data Management Services That Can Be Outsourced To India

  • Data Cleansing

  • Document Imaging and Data Capture

  • Data Processing

  • Data Conversion

  • Data Entry

  • Data Mining